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Looking Toward a New Horizon | Summer 2018

Cover Story: Moving from Access to Successmagazine cover: RCSP summer 2018

President's Column: Dissolving Barriers Leads to Success

In Her Words

Standing Up to Therapy

Developing Leaders in State Government

(Sin) Taxing the Human Soul: Corey Harris

Joining Knowledge, Love and ESL

Finding Faith: Alyssa Keifer

Striking the Right Chord: Ephraim Njuguna

My Avocation and Vocation: Marybeth DeMeo

The Quest to Build a Better Game

Playing Your Cards Right

On the Mend in Maui

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Making of a Mascot | Winter 2018

Cover Story: The Making of a Mascot"Making of a Mascot" magazine cover winter 2018

President's Column: What it means to be Franciscan

Fostering a Future

Building Lives After Addiction

Knowledge Joined With Love

A Force of Reckoning: Carl Anderson

42 Years at Alvernia with Pietro DiStravolo

Measuring Success on the Spectrum with Amy Thomas

Reflection: Raising Awareness to New Heights with Camille Otruba '09

A Different Kind of 'Senior' Living

Sustaining the Great Outdoors with Bethan Ayers-Fisher '18

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Portrait of a Hidden Figure | Spring 2017

Cover Story: Portrait of a Hidden Figure - Katherine Johnson"Portrait of a Hidden Figure" magazine cover spring 2017

President's Column: Free speech and inclusivity

Forward March - with Eric Saar, Ph.D., '17

Color her fully alive - with Nelly Toll

Meeting of the Minds

'I'm just curious'

Crunch Time - with Calvin Martin '03

'It's our ordinary' - with Tim '09 and Monica (Fritz) Chrusch '10

Solar Plexus - with Greg Header '97

Sweet Talkin' - Daniel Martin '17

40 years of nursing - Karen Thacker, Ph.D., RN, CNE


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Trevor's Travels | Winter 2017

Cover Story: Trevor's Travels"Trevor's Travels" magazine cover winter 2017

President's Column: Humility — the ultimate leadership trait?

Into the Red Zone

The Fixer: Chris Ciabarra '00

Unmitigated, fully litigated, jet-setting pro: Donna Miller '85

Top Cops

Orphan Train

Reluctant Hero

Searching for Optimization: David McDowell '16

Surprising, amazing China - Sam Bradley, DBA

Turning loss into gain - Krystal Finch '16

Entrepreneur at Heart - Shannon Homa '16


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American Tragedy | Summer 2016

Cover Story: American Tragedy"American Tragedy" magazine cover summer 2016

Living Proof: Sr. Florence Kruczek

Dogging Death: Greg Chown

Plight of the Navigator: Maria Jiménez '15

Chasing the American Dream

Making it in Manhattan: Gabriella Valenti '15

Milkin' It

Thriving: Andi Funk, Cambridge-Lee

Meet the New U

Technology Runs My Life - Justin Padinske '15

Patience for Patients - Dylan James '16

Addiction: Moving Beyond Drug Abuse - Jennifer Kaucher '13

Social Media: Fear Not? - Ryan Lange, Ph.D.


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DECADE 2005-2015 | Winter 2016

Letter from President Flynn"DECADE" magazine cover winter 2016

Catalyst for Change

Hat Trick

Change from Above

Empowering the Future

Seeing Life Differently - Carlos Canela Cuevas '16

Community that Counts - Carolyn & Jerry Holleran

A Dream Unfolding - Sr. Marilisa Helena da Silva, OSF

Getting Engaged - Ondra M. Kielbasa, Ph.D.

Badge of Courage - Francisco Contreras '13

Into Africa - Kate Roesch '12

Matter of Degrees - Eric Turman '97, M'03

Confessions of a Serial Scholar - Spence Stober, Ed.D.

Follow My Leadership - Gabriella Messina '16

Starting Small, Ending Big - Rachel A. Maher '94, DMD


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Angels All Around Us | Summer 2015

You Will Believe"You Will Believe, Angels are all around us" magazine cover summer 2015

Three Questions for the Pope


Diamonds are Forever: Kevin Sklenarik '96

In a Blink: Jodi Radosh

Authentic Calling: Lori Hagy '95

Ratings Game: Emily Rabadi '12

No More Risky Business: Kyle Covington '15

Living a New Normal: Ryan Weber

Teaching with a Farmer's Touch: Leon Neiman

Following the Evidence: Freddie Haumesser '09

Sweet Feet: Heather Wanner '18

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Growing Up Updike | Winter 2014-15

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Forgive Me, Forgive Me Not | Summer 2014

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Climate in Crisis | Winter 2013-14

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Beast or Brother? | Summer 2013

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Against All Odds | Winter 2012-13

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Eye On Our Future | Summer 2012

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Evolution | Winter 2011-12

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Fighting Chance | Summer 2011

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DNA & Divine | Winter 2010-11

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Who's Next? | Summer 2011

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