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No matter where you are from, we welcome you to Alvernia University as your new home. International Admissions is responsible for providing you support and assistance, not only with your visa process and requirements but also your unique needs as an international student.

If you need more information or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our International Admissions office by email at or contact Sibel Ahi, Director of International Recruitment, at or Assistant Director of International Student Engagement Kevin Davy at

How to Apply as an International Student

All undergraduate students must submit a complete application to Alvernia University along with all supporting documents listed below. Please keep a copy of all documents submitted to Alvernia as you will be required to show them again at the American Embassy or Consulate in your country. You should apply as an undergraduate student (seeking a bachelor's degree) online by submitting our Alvernia application or The Common Application.

International Applicant Deadlines
  • To begin classes in January (Spring semester), applications and supporting materials must be submitted by October 1.
  • To begin classes in August (Fall semester), applications and supporting materials must be submitted by May 1.

Important Note: The application process is different for adult degree completion students and graduate students (those seeking to earn a master's or doctoral degree). If you have already earned a bachelor's degree or are seeking to attend as an adult student, choose the appropriate link below. 

Currently, no scholarships/aid is available for international graduate students or international adult learners.

Required Supporting Materials
English Language Proficiency

All students who are non-native English speakers or come from a country where English is not the official language will be required to provide proof of English proficiency.  Please use the CIA World Fact Book to verify if your country is considered an English-speaking territory. Students may take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to verify their own English Proficiency.

Minimum Score Requirements:

  • TOEFL: 75 or higher for the Internet-based test.
  • IELTS: 5.5 or higher.
  • DUOLINGO: 95 or higher.
  • PTE: 60 or higher

English proficiency testing may be waived if a student has had at least two consecutive years of education in an American high school or institution of higher education.  A transcript from the American school attended should suffice as proof of proficiency, unless otherwise determined by the Admissions Office.

Academic Testing

International students can complete the SAT or ACT and meet score criteria are eligible to receive merit scholarships. Details on merit scholarships can be found on Alvernia's Undergraduate International Students page.

International Student Handbook

The International Student Handbook can be read here.

International Students

International Students
Incoming Students
The following is important for your enrollment and arrival on campus. We are eager to welcome you!
International Students
Graduate Students
How and when to apply for graduate admission.
International Students
Adult Students
Here is information about applying to Alvernia as an adult student.

Tuition and Fees

Below you will find the average cost breakdown for a full academic year, which includes both the Fall and Spring semesters. Students who choose to take classes over Winter or Summer break will have a separate cost associated with those terms. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and is subject to change. If you have questions, please email the International Admissions office at You may also call the Director of International Recruitment, Sibel Ahi, by calling her directly at 610-568-1473.

International Students





Housing (on average*)


Meals (on average*)


Books, personal expenses, insurance, traveling (estimated)




*Pricing varies by residence hall and dining plan options. Click here for more details regarding pricing and affordability. Scroll down to Room Rates and Board rates to fin the desired information.

**Specific renewal criteria applies.

Note: Please know that Alvernia University requires all first-year students to live on campus for the first two years. You may request to live off campus by completing the Off Campus Housing Petition form. You will be notified if your petition has been approved in a timely manner.

Adult Education Students

The following is the breakdown of total cost of attendance for one year for adult students.

Tuition $14,480
Fees $446.40
Room & Board (on average*) $14,300
Books and Supplies $1,500
Personal/Transportation $2,500
Tech Fee $200
TOTAL $33,826 USD

*Village 1-2 double & 75 +$50 meals
Graduate Students

The following is the breakdown of total cost of attendance for one year for graduate students.

Tuition $15,660
Fees $469.80
Room & Board (on average*) $14,300
Books and supplies $1,600
Personal/Transportation $2,500
Tech Fees $200
TOTAL $34,730 USD

*Village 1-2 double & 75 +$50 meals
Ph.D Students

The following is the breakdown of total cost of attendance for one year for Ph.D. students.

Tuition $12,840
Fees $385.20
Room & Board $14,300
Books and Supplies $1,600
Personal/ transportation $5,800
Tech Fee $100
TOTAL $35,025

*Village 1-2 double & 75 +$50 meals

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