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The College of Business, Communication and Leadership faculty, who come from some of the world’s most prestigious Ph.D. programs and who have deep professional experience, offer thought-provoking and pragmatic curriculums. Our faculty members are award-winning teachers, authors, researchers and advocates. But most importantly, our faculty are caring people devoted to providing educational excellence in business, communication and leadership focused on developing ethical high performers, inspiring action and delivering value.


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Jodi Radosh, Ph.D.

Shoot, Edit, Share: Video Production for Mass Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations” (2016); co-authored with Kirsten Johnson

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Spencer Stober, Ph.D.

Transitions to Sustainability: Theoretical Debates for a Changing Planet,” co-editor with David Humphreys (2014)

Nature-centered Leadership: An Aspirational Narrative,” co-authored with Tracey L. Brown and Sean J. Cullen (2013); award finalist at the International Leadership Association

God, Science, and Designer Genes: An Exploration of Emerging Genetic Technologies," co-authored with Dr. Donna Yarri (2009)

Fitzpatrick crop

Caroline (Carrie) Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

“Public Speaking for Advocacy & Leadership,” 2nd Edition. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing (2019)

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Scott Ballantyne, Ed.D., Beth A. Berret, Ed.D., Mary Ellen Wells, JD, LLM

Planning in Reverse: A Viable Approach to Organizational Leadership” (2011)

College of Business, Communication and Leadership

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Scott Ballantyne Trading Lab
Business Profile: Scott Ballantyne
Scott Ballantyne makes the most of his time. The associate professor of business has a full teaching schedule, serves as faculty advisor for the risk management and fishing clubs, and frequently posts on his YouTube channel spotlighting motorcycles, boats, camps and camping, and travel destinations.
Sue Guay
Communication Profile: Sue Guay
She's spent summers traveling in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America and South America. Sue Guay's world-traveling, information-gathering missions help her create unique intercultural communication classes for her students.
Alicia Sprow
Leadership Profile: Alicia Sprow
Alicia Sprow, a Leadership Department faculty member who coordinates the EcoHouse program, believes it's as important to educate with the heart as it is with the mind. And fun is part of the learning process in all that she does.