Sam Bradley
Associate Professor of Business


I have been a college instructor for over 15 years after spending approximately 25 years in a variety of marketing management positions in the Fortune 200 environment. Most of that time was spent with AMP, Incorporated which was headquarter in Harrisburg, PA (which was at the time the world’s leading producer of electrical and electronic interconnection devices). During my professional career, I have served as a sales trainer, channel manager, international product manager, industry manager and as marketing research manager. These positions were held for companies in either telecommunications or electronics manufacturing. My educational background is a varied as my vocational experience. My undergraduate degree is in social and behavioral sciences from West Chester University (PA). Upon completion of my undergraduate degree I wanted to apply by behavioral studies to the business world and earned an MBA (with a marketing concentration) from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Marketing is applied social science, so the combination was a natural fit. After working in industry, I decided to change careers and fulfill my life-long desire to teach and earned my DBA (with a marketing concentration) from Argosy University in Chicago. The varied industry and educational background has formed my teaching philosophy that combines focusing on both academic concepts with real-world applications. Each of my classes emphasizes the importance of both the academic theory of marketing along with the practical application of these concepts in the business world. Students learn most effectively by applying concepts to their own experiences which supports real learning. We will combine the theoretical concepts of the class with actual examples of the application of these concepts as they are currently applied in the business world.