Retrieving Billing Statements

To obtain a copy of your latest student bill, please visit the myAlvernia portal.


Making a Payment

To make a payment, please visit the myAlvernia portal to make an online payment either via our free e-check solution or with a credit card (additional service charges will be assessed).


Account Overview

For an overall look at your student account status, please visit the myAlvernia portal.


Finding Specific Transactions

Looking for details regarding a specific transaction within your student account? Please visit myAlvernia.


My Account Profile

To view and change your basic account information related to viewing and paying your bill, please visit myAlvernia.


Health Insurance Requirements

For a better understanding of Alvernia's requirement that full-time undergraduate and graduate students have health insurance coverage, please review our health requirements.


If you already have health insurance coverage, please submit a copy of your health insurance card via the Health & Wellness Student Portal.


Please note, Alvernia does not offer health insurance options for its students.  If you need to purchase personal health insurance, you can go either to the federal or Pennsylvania marketplaces to view your options and purchase coverage.


1098-T Tax Form

IRS Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, contains information to assist the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and you in determining if you are eligible to claim educational related tax credits. For more information on these credits, see IRS Publication 970 or consult your own tax advisor.  Only qualified tuition payments, such as tuition, may provide eligibility for these tax credits.


To learn more more about the 1098-T form and review frequently asked questions, please click here.


To retrieve and print you 1098-T form, please click here.


Financial Responsibility Agreement

All Alvernia students are required to receive and sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement prior to registering each semester. This agreement lists students’ rights and responsibilities for assuring that all charges on their student accounts are paid.           

Office of Student Financial Services