Dropped Courses

During the first week of classes (the add/drop period) a student may drop a course and receive full tuition credit if applicable. Any course-affiliated fees and/or comprehensive fees are adjusted accordingly. Students withdrawing from class(es) any time after the add/drop period are not entitled to a refund.


Withdrawal from Classes

Students withdrawing from any class(es) after the final day of the add/drop period are not entitled to a refund.


Withdraw from the University

A student who voluntarily withdraws from the university must notify the appropriate individual, as identified below, of his/her intent to withdraw.  Communication may be written or oral. If the communication is oral, the person providing the information must be able to verify his/her identity as the student or approved representative of the student by providing requested identifying information such as, but not limited to: student ID, social security number, date of birth, email and/or mailing address. The university reserves the right to refuse accepting oral information if it is incomplete or cannot be verified and may require the request to be provided in writing. Full-time undergraduate students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services; Reading Campus and online graduate or adult undergraduate students should contact the School of Graduate and Adult Education; and Schuylkill Center or Philadelphia Center students should contact their respective Centers’ directors or designees. If a student notifies a faculty or staff member or department other than one of those listed above, the individual notified should make every effort to immediately notify the appropriate individual or department, as listed above, of the student’s notification and provide documentation if available and as appropriate.

The university reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose scholarship is unsatisfactory or whose conduct renders him/her undesirable as a member of the university community.


Student Refund

Students who withdraw or are approved for medical leave are entitled to tuition refunds in accordance with the refund schedule below. Medical leave policy and procedures are outlined in a separate section of the Student Handbook. Questions should be submitted to the Director of Collegiate Health Services.

Withdrawal Dates SemesterMOD Class(es)*
During 1st week of classes100%100%
During 2nd week of classes90%80%
During 3rd week of classes80%40%
During 4th week of classes60%0%
During 5th week of classes40%0%
After 5th week of classes0%0%

*Proration of tuition charges is applicable to students enrolled in a single module, enrolled in modules one, three or five if they also drop any subsequent module-based classes within the same semester, or withdraw from all classes in the second module session of each semester - modules two, four, or six and only if the student fully withdraws from the module session.

Note: In the case of a financial aid recipient, the portion refunded may include monies that must be returned to Federal Title IV programs. The university uses the Title IV refund policy to determine the portion that must be repaid to the Title IV programs. Any refunds otherwise due to a withdrawing student will be reduced by such Title IV refunds. For a complete description of the Title IV Refund Policy please see the section titled Financial Aid Refund Policy of the financial aid section of the catalog.

After a total withdrawal from Alvernia University, students are required to reapply when not enrolled for two consecutive semesters or one full calendar year of non-attendance and be accepted to complete readmission to the University.

Food Refund

Students withdrawing or moving out of a university residence are entitled to a prorated refund (minus a one-week deposit).


Students moving out of a university residence during a semester are not entitled to a refund of room charges. Students should follow the room check-out procedure in the Student Handbook.

Miscellaneous Fees/Other Charges

There will be no refund of miscellaneous fees or other charges.

Medical Leave

Students who are placed on medical leave during the first five weeks of class and do not return during the semester will receive tuition refunds in accordance with the previously described tuition refund schedule for “Withdrawal from the University.”


Office of Student Financial Services

114 Bernardine Hall
Reading, PA 19607
Phone: 610.796.8201
Fax: 610.796.8336
email: sfs@alvernia.edu



The University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend, limit, restrict, or terminate in-person classes and/or substitute in-person classes with virtual, online or remote educational sessions or classes for reasons beyond the University's reasonable control (detailed in the Alvernia University Student Handbook). In these instances, the University will not be held responsible or liable to refund, reimburse or credit tuition, aid, award paid or remitted.



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