Alvernia University is proud to partner with GradGuard to offer students tuition insurance. GradGuard’s Tuition Insurance Plan helps students and their families overcome the financial losses that may result from events which force students to withdraw from the term due to a covered medical reason.

What can GradGuard’s Tuition Insurance Plan do for you?

  • It can reimburse tuition, room, board, and more after a withdrawal due to a covered reason.
  • It can provide protection for injury, illness, COVID and mental health conditions.
  • It can help you avoid financial losses in the event of a covered withdrawal.
  • It can increase the possibility that you return to school in the event of the unforeseen.
  • It provides you access to an assistance hotline to help students and their families take care of emergencies and unexpected issues

Tuition insurance must be purchased before the first day of classes and is offered as a voluntary benefit to our families. Your participation is not required but highly recommended. The school is not compensated for this program. Learn more by calling GradGuard at 877-794-6603 or visiting

Tuition Insurance FAQs

What is GradGuard Tuition Insurance?

GradGuard Tuition Insurance can help students and families overcome the financial loss of an unexpected withdrawal. Plans can provide reimbursement for tuition payments, room and board, and other nonrefundable academic fees if a student withdraws due to a covered illness, injury, mental health condition, and more.

Why GradGuard Tuition Insurance?

Tuition Insurance can strengthen existing refund policies and can provide reimbursement for non-refundable tuition, ousing, and other education-related expenses if a student ithdraws due to a covered medical reason, at any time uring the covered term. GradGuard Tuition Insurance can rovide a financial safety net for student and families who ant to protect their investment in higher education. GradGuard tuition insurance is similar to offering trip insurance for airline or travel investments, and only the purchaser can make the decision on whether the protection should be purchased.

What is the desired outcome?

All attending students and families are made aware of the option to purchase tuition insurance (through GradGuard directly) so they can protect their financial investment or request more information if they are interested.

How does a student purchase tuition insurance?

Students and families can find out more information at or by calling 877-794-6603. Your purchase of tuition insurance must occur before the first day of classes for the term of coverage.

What is the claims process like?

Claims can be processed at any time. To be eligible for coverage the event/incident must occur within the plan’s coverage period. The claims process begins by calling (888) 427-5045. The GradGuard FAQ is a helpful resource for any questions. If you need other forms of documentation to support your claim, please reach out to the appropriate resources on campus as needed.

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