Micah Yarbray Class of 2023 Criminal Justice Psychology Addictions Mental Health 2

Photo by DeVaun Murray

Criminal justice and psychology dual major Yarbray talks running track, starting the Black Student Union and who she'll never forget. Watch the TikTok video here.

1. How did you find out about Alvernia?

My senior year [of high school], I was recruited to run track and ultimately committed to my education and athletics.

2. What made you decide on coming to Alvernia?

How friendly everyone was, especially with me being a young Black woman. I felt safe and welcomed on campus. It was also not too far from home, but not too close either.

3. Where did you live your first year?

Clare Hall

4. Did you like it?


5. How’d you find your roommate (your first year)?

We were randomly assigned

6. What couldn’t you live without in your res hall?

My speaker, music, is essential and helped me get through my undergraduate year but especially my first-year living in Clare Hall.

7. When did you declare your major?

My freshman year. I knew coming to Alvernia what I wanted to study because of my career goals and aspirations.

Micah Yarbray Class of 2023 Criminal Justice Psychology Addictions Mental Health

Photo by DeVaun Murray

8. What is your major?

Criminal Justice and Psychology

9. What about your minors?

Addictions and Mental Health

10. What made you choose your majors and minors?

I am an aspiring attorney, I also want to get my PhD in legal or forensic psychology. There’s a need for mental health professionals and by pursuing my graduate degrees I can gain a better understanding of how to help individuals struggling with mental health.

11. When did you get your first internship?

Fall semester of senior year.

12. What’s your favorite memory from that internship?

I had two, so my favorite memory from interning with Senator Judy Schwank would be when I went to the Capitol and got introduced in front of the Senate. For BCPS, my favorite memory was helping formerly incarcerated individuals acquire a second chance.

13. What was your favorite experiential learning opportunity over the last four years?

Being able to discuss my internships and learn about my classmates' experiences in our practicum class.

14. Did those internships and experiential learning opportunities prepare you for the real world?


Micah Yarbray Class of 2023 Criminal Justice Psychology Addictions Mental Health 3

Photo by DeVaun Murray

15. Would you recommend getting involved with a student organization?

All students should get involved! There’s an organization for everyone and you can be a part of more than one organization.

16. How does it feel to have created an award-winning registered student organization?

It feels rewarding. Words can’t explain how it feels to be recognized by the AU community, all the efforts and hard work from the Black Student Union has truly paid off.

17. What’s your favorite meal on campus?

Creating my own rice bowl from Freshens. My order: white rice, chicken, tai sauce, corn, shredded cheese and a lot of taco seasoning.

18. What’s your favorite thing to do in Reading?

Go to Crumbl! I love Crumbl.

19. What’s one goal that felt so far away when you started college?

Graduation! Four years of high school felt long, so I knew four years of college would feel even longer.

20. What helped you get through?

I didn’t give up! I kept going despite how difficult some days were and now I’ll be spreaking at graduation.

21. Do you have any advice for incoming first-year students at Alvernia?

Try something new and get out of your comfort zone. College is all about finding yourself. Four years truly does go by fast and you don’t want to graduate having any regrets.

22. Who’s one person from Alvernia that you’ll never forget & why?

Abby Swatchick, she has helped me get through my four years at Alvernia but especially my senior year. I am grateful for the relationship we built over my time here. I am not sure if I would have made it without her and the help of other students, faculty and staff.

23. What’s your favorite memory from college overall?

Being a voice for those without a voice. In my various roles on campus, through academics, athletics, and extracurriculars I can truly say I made my mark at Alvernia University and helped make a difference in the process.