Residence halls provide students with opportunities for group interaction and development of leadership skills through the Residence Halls Association, National Residence Hall Honorary, Residence Life student staff positions, themed and affinity communities, and hall/floor programs. It has been demonstrated that the value-based life skills gained through the intentional group living experience contribute to the development of the student's maturity and overall success, and are transferable to the workforce and to life in general.

All Alvernia University residence halls offer the following:

  • Furnished rooms that include: beds with mattresses, dressers, desks with chairs, closets, and window blinds for privacy
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Air-conditioning/heating units in each room or suite 
  • Laundry facilities in the building
  • Social and study lounges in the building


Incoming Residential Students

Beginning with the incoming class in August 2023, housing deposits ($250) will be accepted to secure a student’s spot in our residential facilities.  This housing deposit will be applied to the students first semester charges.  We will no longer escrow the housing deposit. If a student chooses to cancel their enrollment prior to May 1, the housing deposit will be refunded to the student.  If a student chooses to cancel their enrollment after May 1, the housing deposit is forfeited.

Commuter Students

Additionally, a housing deposit will be required of any non-residential students (commuter/off-campus) who wish to apply for housing at any point. Commuter/off-campus students who desire on-campus housing must first pay a $250 housing deposit in the MyAlvernia portal and complete a housing application in the Alvernia Residential Communities Portal. A commuter/off-campus student will be assigned housing only after room selection for current resident students is complete and pending space availability. In the event there is lack of room availability, housing deposits will be refunded. If a student requests placement on a housing waiting list, the deposit will not be refunded or applied to current debt until removal from the housing waiting list is requested.  After a commuter/off-campus student is assigned housing, if a student chooses to cancel their housing request prior to May 1, the housing deposit will be refunded to the student.  If a student chooses to cancel their enrollment after May 1, the housing deposit is forfeited.  If the commuter/off-campus student is offered housing, the deposit will be applied to the students first semester charges. 

Residential Students Prior to August 2023

Any students who have entered into a residential life contract prior to the fall 2023 will continue to have their housing deposit ($250) held in escrow until the housing contract is fulfilled, as expressed below.  Students will also have the option to donate their escrowed housing deposit to the HOPE fund, unless there is an outstanding balance due to Alvernia University. Housing deposits will be processed as follows:

  • Held in an escrow account until housing contract fulfilled.
  • Returned to the student if the student does not receive housing for the following year or chooses not to return within stated housing selection deadlines. Deposit will not be returned if the student has an outstanding balance with the university.
  • Forfeited by those students who communicate after the housing selection process deadline, that they will not be returning to Alvernia University or have chosen to live off campus. See the Student Handbook for details.



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Alvernia University maintains 11 distinctive kinds of residential living-learning environments. The university offers housing to full-time matriculated single students only.

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