You probably have many questions regarding residence life and housing. Here are the answers to common ones. If you have questions that are not answered here, we ask that you contact the Office of Residence Life via email at

Housing Information

How do I access my housing account?

You can access your housing account by going to the Alvernia Logins page and finding ARC: Alvernia Residential Communities Portal. There you will find links to the login page as well as instructions for Housing Sign Ups for New Students. Here you can select a meal plan, participate in the housing lottery, request roommates, and more.

Is there a housing deposit?

Yes, there is a $250 housing deposit which you can pay online through your MyAlvernia account, or through mailing a check or money to Alvernia University. Please review the details of the housing deposit here.

When will I receive my room assignment?

Our goal is to send housing assignments in mid-July for August move in, and early January for January move in.

How do I request a roommate/room change?

Although we try to accommodate student housing preferences, occasionally our residents will find themselves unhappy with their room assignment. While our goal in the Office of Residence Life is to provide our residents with developmental opportunities in all capacities, we understand that sometimes a room change is warranted.

Beginning of each semester:

At the start of each semester, there is a room freeze period during the first two weeks of each semester when students are not permitted to change rooms. This is for many reasons, including allowing our RA team to identify students who have not checked in, to allow for late applicants to be housed, and other reasons.

After the room freeze period, students can begin to request a change. If a student is having a roommate conflict, we value conflict resolution as the first step to solving the conflicts. The RA will arrange mediation and the Graduate Hall Director or Area Coordinator may help in this process as well.

Once appropriate mediation has occurred (with the RA and the GHD/AC) and a resident still would like to request a room change, they may do so through this form.

Ending of the fall semester:

The Office of Residence Life recognizes that at the end of the fall semester some students may wish to change rooms for the spring. The Office of Residence Life is working to establish a process that allows for these requests to be made and facilitated so that there is limited disruption during the closing weeks of the semester. We will update this page when that process has been completed.

Can I spread out to my roommate's side of the room if there is no one occupying that space?

You may not do this. Since there are limited spaces in our residence halls, you must stay on your side.

What address do I use to receive mail and packages?

A student’s address for physical mail and packages is:

First Name Last Name 
Alvernia University 
400 Saint Bernardine Street  
Reading, PA 19607 

Students receive an email notification from our mail room if they have mail and/or packages waiting for them.  Students should go to the mail room (Franco Building, 2nd floor) with their ID to pick up their items.

What if I do not select a room during the Housing Lottery?

If you did not sign up during the Housing Lottery, you may not be assigned your preferred housing. You will be manually assigned to wherever there are vacancies. If you haven’t completed a housing application, please do so in ARC as soon as possible.

What if I want to change my status from resident to commuter?

If you are an incoming first year/transfer student, you must reach out to and request to have your status changed. After that time, you will need to complete a Petition to Commute which has specific qualifications to be a commuter.

If you are a returning student – please refer to the Release Request Policy here.

How do I see who I am rooming with? Can you give me their cell phone number so I can contact them?

You can see who your roommate is on ARC (click on the housing assignments they will be on the right-hand side of the screen). No, we cannot hand out any personal information other than their Alvernia email address which you are also able to see.

How do I order food for delivery to my residence hall?

When ordering food for delivery to your residence hall, please provide as detailed of instructions as possible to your delivery driver. Below are a few tips you can utilize to help ensure that your delivery driver will arrive at the proper destination.


When inputting your address, please write 400 Saint Bernardine Street, Reading PA 19607. From there, write the name of your residence hall in the “Building Name” field and adjust the location pin to hover over your residence hall or its nearest parking lot. In all situations, make sure “Hand it to me” is your chosen drop-off option to ensure no unauthorized guests enter your residence hall.

Uber Eats

Input 400 Saint Bernardine Street, Reading PA 49607, US as your address. Write the name of your residence hall in the “Business or building name” field, and edit the location pin to hover over your residence hall or its nearest parking lot. Select “Meet outside” as your Drop-off option.


Click on the Account icon in the row across the bottom of the screen, and select the “Addresses” option. From here, click “Add a new address >” and input the following information:

Address: 400 Saint Bernardine Street 
Apt/Suite: [Your residence hall] 
City: Reading 
State: Pennsylvania 
Postal Code: 19607 
Phone: [Your phone number]

Delivery Instructions: [a detailed set of instructions to guide your driver to your location. You are encouraged to point out nearby buildings that might be more visible from the road (for example, “across from the Physical Education Center” would be a helpful pointer to guide drivers to Clare, Assisi, or Veronica Halls).]


Click on “Delivery” on the Domino’s app homepage. Select “House” as your address type. Enter the following information:

Street Address: 400 Saint Bernardine Street 
Suite/Apt #: [Your residence hall name] 
City: Reading 
State: Pennsylvania 
Zip: 19607

Delivery Instructions: [a detailed set of instructions to guide your driver to your location. You are encouraged to point out nearby buildings that might be more visible from the road (for example, “across from the Physical Education Center” would be a helpful pointer to guide drivers to Clare, Assisi, or Veronica Halls).]

First-Year Housing Information

What items can I bring vs. Not bring to my first-year area residence hall room?

Recommended Items

  • Extra Long Twin Sheets
  • Mattress Pad
  • Laundry Basket
  • High Efficiency Laundry Detergent
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Microwavable Dishes
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Swiffer/Small Vacuum Cleaner
  • Coffee Pot/Keurig (if a coffee pot, must have an automatic shut off!)
  • Fan
  • Air Fresheners (Wall Flowers are okay!)
  • Shower Caddy - maybe not pertain to you since you'll have your own bathroom within the suite versus having a communal bathroom
  • Small Lock Box for important Items
  • Tools  

Items to Leave at Home

  • Candles (even if they're not burning, they are not allowed)
  • Alcohol or alcoholic paraphernalia
  • Shot glasses
  • Beer funnels
  • Decorative wine glasses/wine bottles
  • Pets
  • Air fryers (only allowed in suites with a kitchen/kitchenette)
  • George Foreman Grills
  • Toasters (only allowed in suites with a kitchen/kitchenette)

Please review the student handbook for more items that we don't allow if you're unsure.

Can I bring a microwave and or refrigerator to campus?

Only one refrigerator is permitted per bedroom in all residence halls. Size may not exceed 3.6 cubic feet and power requirements may not exceed 120 volts/10 amps.

Only one microwave oven is permitted per room in the residence halls. Power requirements may not exceed 120 volts/10 amps.

  • VH, FH = 1 room, 1 microwave, 1 refrigerator 
  • AH, CH = 2 rooms, 2 microwaves, 2 refrigerators 

All other buildings have a microwave and a fridge. Please review the student handbook for more details.

Now that I am in a 5 pack, does that mean my bill is cheaper?

The Office of Residence Life does not provide any discounts to residence hall spaces based on occupancy of the space/room.

What are the dimensions of the residence rooms?

The rooms in our residence halls vary in dimensions, even when they are the same room type (single, double, triple, etc.). For rugs, we recommend that you do not bring one that is larger than five-by-seven feet. The following are measurement samples for specific rooms. This is provided to give you a gauge of what to expect in your space, but not a guarantee of accuracy.  

  • Francis Hall: Francis 442; 15 feet long by 14 feet wide
  • Veronica Hall: this room is hard to measure due to the 'Z shape' but one's area of living is about 8 feet long by 14 feet wide and the room in its entirety is 17 feet long by 14 feet wide
  • Anthony Hall: This is a suite of two rooms, each measuring approximately 13.5 feet long by 14 feet wide
  • Clare Hall: This is a suite of two rooms, each measuring approximately 13.5 feet long by 14 feet wide

These measurements are from wall to wall, so it includes the bed and any other obstacles in the way. We suggest giving at least 2-3 feet of slack each way for a floor carpet or rug.

Meal Plan Information

What if I do not select a meal plan during Housing Selection?

If you do not select a meal plan, you will be automatically assigned 14 meals/week with the $250 bonus. You can change this in your ARC profile before the assigned deadline. The Meal Plan Change time frame usually aligns with the drop/add schedule each semester.

Where can I learn more information about the Meal Plans?

You can learn more about Meal Plans by visiting Aladdin Campus Dining's page

Office of Residential Life Information

When is the Office of Residence Life open, and where can I find it?

The Office of Residence Life is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is located in Veronica Hall. Residents can visit the office at their convenience during these times to speak with a member of the ORL Team.

What if I need help from Residence Life after 4:30 p.m.?

Our Resident Assistants (RAs) serve in an on-call capacity every night starting at 8 p.m. These on-call RAs are also located at the Holleran Hall Information Desk and the Veronica Hall Information desk for any students needing assistance after Residence Life business hours. Our professional staff (Area Coordinators/Graduate Hall Director) serve on a rotation above the RAs on-call and are there to help RAs respond to incidents that happen after-hours. The paraprofessional and professional staffs act as support systems for any residential student needing assistance with emergent after-hours needs such as: maintenance emergencies, Community Standard violations, medical emergencies, mental health crises, etc. Both paraprofessional and professional staffs are trained in these areas prior to the start of the academic year. Learn more about the ORL/Public Safety Procedures.

How do students reach resident assistants on duty after the desks close? 

Students with emergency needs after business hours and after the RA Information Desks are closed shall reach out to Public Safety (610-796-8350); their office is open 24/7. The public safety officer will assess the need to reach out to the professional staff on duty if further assistance is needed.

When should students call Public Safety?

Students should call Public Safety if they have a need that cannot wait until the next business day, e.g., students are locked out of their residential space, students have a medical or maintenance emergency, a student's safety is at risk, students are reporting other Community Standards violations on campus, etc.

Resident Responsibilities

What is the policy regarding missing keys?

Each resident is responsible for their key(s). Key(s) must not be duplicated or given to another individual. In the event a key(s) is lost, it must be immediately reported to the Office of Residence Life. The door to the lost key(s) will be re-cored and all students residing in that room will receive new keys. There is a $250 fee charged to the individual who lost their key(s) for the replacement of new ones. All keys remain the property of Alvernia University. If key(s) are not returned at the end of the semester upon resident check out or when requested, the fee also applies.  

Am I responsible for my trash, and where does it go?

Students are responsible for taking their trash out.

Dumpster FAQ


CollegeTowne Residents

 How does parking work at CollegeTowne?

Students who reside in the John R. Post Center at Reading CollegeTowne are provided parking access to the Chiarelli Plaza Garage located at the corner of Third and Court streets. Students who reside at CollegeTowne need a parking pass. To acquire one, you will need to fill out an application. Return it to Kristy Brinckman ( or the front desk of CollegeTowne, along with a copy of the front side of your driver’s license.

Residents may only register one vehicle to their name. In the event students need to drive a different vehicle temporarily, they must notify the front desk so it can be updated in the system.

Residence Life & Dining