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Below is a roundup of the various policies pertaining to student living at Alvernia University. If you have a question about something that isn't listed here, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@alvernia.edu.

Room Change Policy

Although we try to accommodate student housing preferences, occasionally our residents will find themselves unhappy with their room assignment. While our goal in the Office of Residence Life is to provide our residents with developmental opportunities in all capacities, we understand that sometimes a room change is warranted.

Beginning of Each Semester

At the start of each semester, there is a room freeze period during the first two weeks of each semester when students are not permitted to change rooms. This is for many reasons, including allowing our RA team to identify students who have not checked in, to allow for late applicants to be housed, and other reasons.

After the room freeze period, students can begin to request a change. If a student is having a roommate conflict, we value conflict resolution as the first step to solving the conflicts. The RA will arrange mediation and the Graduate Hall Director or Area Coordinator may help in this process as well. Once appropriate mediation has occurred (with the RA and the GHD/AC) and a resident still would like to request a room change, they may do so through this form.

Ending of the Fall Semester

The Office of Residence Life recognizes that at the end of the fall semester some students may wish to change rooms for the spring. The Office of Residence Life is working to establish a process that allows for these requests to be made and facilitated so that there is limited disruption during the closing weeks of the semester. We will update this page when that process has been completed.

Requests to be Released from Housing Contract

By creating a housing application in ARC, you have signed and agreed to living on campus with housing and meal charges for the entire academic year. If your circumstances have changed and you meet the requirements, please complete the Housing Release Request Form in your ARC account. (Log into the ARC system via the Alvernia logins page. Once there, in the left column navigate to Forms, and Housing Release Request.)

Valid Reasons to be Released from a Housing Contract

Releases are only approved for these reasons:

  • Need for special accommodations for medical reasons that Alvernia is unable to meet. (Required Information: Student must provide approval from a meet with the Director of Accessibility Services to receive permission to be released. Contact that office: accessibility.services@alvernia.edu before you submit release request.)
  • University approved student teaching experience further than 20 miles from campus. (Required Information: must provide placement name and location)
  • University approved OT/PT/Nursing internship further than 20 miles from campus. (Required Information: must provide placement name and location)
  • University approved study abroad or off-campus academic program. (Required Information: must provide placement name and location)
  • Change in marital status
  • Birth/acquirement of a dependent
  • Change in financial status since signing of the housing contract. (If you choose this option, you will need to provide documentation to Student Financial Services regarding changes in your family’s financial circumstances that make affording on campus housing difficult, such as a job loss, change of income, medical issues or additional individuals added to the household who may now be your family’s financial responsibility. Please provide a detailed explanation of your request for SFS review and decide on your request. Students should submit their documentation ASAP to Student Financial Services at SFS@alvernia.edu).
How to Complete the Request

If you believe you are eligible for a release from your housing contract based on the information above, you may proceed to complete the request:

  • Log into the ARC system via the Alvernia logins page.
  • Once there, in the left column navigate to Forms, and Housing Release Request.
  • Complete the Housing Release Request Form prompts and choose your reason.
  • Choose Today as your date to be release.
  • Complete all prompts and click Submit.
  • If you chose “Change in financial status since signing of housing contract” as your reason for release you must submit the appropriate documentation to SFS as described above and in the Release Request Form as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing.
  • The ORL will receive your request and distribute it to the appropriate offices for approval. We are committed to providing you with a decision or an update within five business days of your request.
  • If you believe you are eligible for a release from your housing contract based on reasons other than listed above, please email ResLife@alvernia.edu and explain your situation and your reasons for requesting a release. You will be contacted by the Housing Operations Assistant to discuss your request.

Meal Plan Policy

All resident students are required to participate in the University’s food service program. All freshman residents must participate in the full 19-meal plan or the 14-meal plan during their first year. The student is allowed to change their meal plan beginning on the first day of classes of each semester and ending by the last day of the drop/add period. Commuter students and staff may purchase a commuter meal plan or pay cash.

Students Agree to the Following Conditions
  • Payment of the appropriate board fee
  • Presentation of a valid Alvernia identification (ID) card unless it is a cash transaction
  • Participation in the plan is not transferable
  • No discounts or refunds are given for meals missed and there is no carryover from one semester to the next
  • Students withdrawing or moving out of a university residence are entitled to a prorated refund (minus a one-week deposit)

A student who is ill and unable to come to the Dining Hall for meals may have a friend pick up a sick tray for them at the Dining Hall. A note from the Health & Wellness Center and the student’s ID card are required.

If a school activity prohibits the student from attending a meal(s), the dining staff will pack a meal. Please have the department head or coach make a request at least two days in advance with the Dining Manager. ID will be needed when the order is placed. Students who miss a meal(s) because of participation in off-campus athletics competition will be given appropriate meal money or will be provided with a meal before returning to campus.

Special Dietary Needs / Medical and Religious Exemptions

Students with special dietary needs or diets related to religious beliefs should consult with the Food Service Director. All efforts will be made to meet the special needs of the students. If after meeting with dining services, there are medical or religious factors that still cannot be accommodated, a student can request a meal plan exemption.

For medical meal plan exemption request, the student should consult with the Our Accessibility Services Director at accessibility.services@alvernia.edu who may then consult with the Director of Health and Wellness. The Director of Accessibility Services will communicate with the Housing Operations Assistant if a meal plan request has been granted.

For religious or other meal plan exemption requests, the student should send a detailed email and any other documentation to ResLife@alvernia.edu explaining:

  • the nature of the request
  • the plan for providing food for themselves

The Housing Operations Assistant will be in touch with the student within five business days.

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