Using the principles of Catholic Social Thought along with St. Francis and St. Clare’s own passion for helping those who are impoverished, Alvernia Campus Ministry seeks to be a faithful advocate for those populations whose needs often go ignored or unheard. This pillar seeks to increase awareness of the intersection between faith and public life.


Each semester we aim to bring both educational and interactive programming based on the signs of the times and informed by Catholic Social Teaching.


Programming and Opportunities:


  • Catholic Relief Services: Through a partnership with CRS we are able to train and foster Student Ambassadors who are passionate about Justice and Peace issues throughout the world. These students help plan events around topics and issues that are happening both locally and globally. There are also opportunities to engage with other CRS Student Ambassadors from across the country at various trainings and conferences. We also participate in CRS’s annual Operation Rice Bowl to raise money to combat world hunger.
  • To Be a Refugee: This event aims to educate the campus community about what life as a Refugee might look like on a daily basis.
  • Advocacy Days: During the Fall and Spring semester we have three to five days where we focus on a different Social Justice issue. These topics may include, but are not limited to: human trafficking, water, income/wage inequality, and immigration. The goal is to shed light of the “what, why, and how.” The what being the issue, the why being why should we care, and the how being how we can help bring about a change.
  • Conferences: Once a year we travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in conferences that highlight various Peace and Social Justice Topics. These conferences consist of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking, and an opportunity to make our students voices and concerns heard through lobbying.
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