From left: Zackary Wendel, Ian Dumas, Hector Malave, Milvia Cruz, Tomas Campanur Zuniga, Jacob Wells, Morgan Brown, Alum Brian Nerney '12 and Jodi Radosh

By Julia Beaven

Business, political science, communication, and digital media marketing students traveled to New York City to meet with successful alumni and immerse themselves in experiential learning opportunities aligned with their field of study.


"As a student, it may be hard sometimes to get guidance and wisdom from the workplace, and this trip allowed me to gain exactly that," said finance major Andrew Deschenes. "We talked to employees from top firms like Deloitte and SCOR while visiting corporate offices. As this trip was very valuable for personal work-related experience, it was also a ton of fun with visiting key landmarks and much more."


Business majors visited industry-leading firms, KPMG and SCOR, where they gained insights into financial practices and risk management strategies. Political science students delved into international diplomacy while visiting the United Nations headquarters and Security Council chamber. Communication and digital media marketing students met with alumni Gabby Valenti, FOX News Producer and Booker, and Brian Nerney, Account Manager at Paramount Advertising, to experience the world of media and broadcasting.


"It was wonderful to have our students meet successful alumni," said Professor of Communication and Digital Media Jodi Radosh, Ph.D. "Brian Nerney, who is an account manager at Paramount Advertising was able to share good advice for how to network and get your first job. Gabby Valenti, is an associate producer and book at Fox Media for the late-night show, Gutfeld. The students found it fascinating to see a taping of a show and hear from Gabby how she worked different positions at the network."


By venturing beyond the classroom and into the busy work environment of New York City, students gained practical insights and developed connections that enhanced their academic and professional endeavors.