Why Political Science?

Studying political science at Alvernia University opens your eyes and mind to the world around you. As our world becomes increasingly complex, understanding politics is crucial for being informed and involved citizens.

Political Science isn’t just for students who aspire to work in government. Those seeking careers in law, business, journalism, teaching, or non-profits benefit from understanding policy and politics. Indeed, the skills you acquire as a political science major at Alvernia will serve you well in nearly any career.

Political Science helps you understand the nature of politics, how politics relate to issues of justice, the role of government in societies, the responsibilities of citizenship and gives you an understanding of important international and domestic issues.  With a political science degree, you’ll also develop critical thinking skills, excellent writing skills, and deeper abilities to reason and think analytically about the world.

You’ll gain insight into contemporary problems and issues both in the United States and around the world, and learn how to assess the problems and creatively think about solutions to them.  You will also learn to communicate effectively, supporting your opinion with reason and evidence.

Your Career

With a degree in political science from Alvernia University, you will be poised for a variety of exciting careers. Some students pursue careers in government service in Washington, D.C. Others work in state government or run for office, work on campaigns, or work for elected officials on Capitol Hill.

Perhaps you’re interested in career in international relations, such as journalism, international business, foreign service, international aid, or defense analysis. If you’re adept with foreign languages, you might consider a career as an interpreter or policy analyst.

Political science majors at Alvernia have gone into careers in law, international business, government service at the federal and state levels, public policy, journalism, political activism, management, non-profit positions, teaching, social work, counseling, criminal investigation and policy analysis. Political science students excel in careers that require excellent communication and analytical skills and knowledge about the world.

Many political science graduates have chosen to continue their educations at graduate institutions, including Lehigh University, University of Pittsburgh, Villanova University, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Widener University, Marquette University, State University of New York, George Mason University, Suffolk University, and others.

For more information about Alvernia’s political science program contact the Admissions Office at 1-888-ALVERNIA or 610-796-8269 or admissions@alvernia.edu. For more information about the study of political science in general, including what types of jobs are available for graduates, go to the American Political Science Association at www.apsanet.org.

Your Curriculum

All Alvernia students must successfully complete a minimum of 123 semester credits to receive a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree, and political science majors must complete 30 credits in the major.

Required courses for political science majors are:

  • POS 101 Introduction to Political Science
  • POS 111 American Democratic Government
  • POS 212 Comparative Politics --‐OR--‐ POS 225 Contemporary World Affairs
  • POS 424 History of Political Thought
  • POS 425 Research Seminar

You also must take 5 elective courses in political science. Elective courses include those regularly in the catalog, such as Constitutional Law, the Presidency, or the Legislative Process, as well as a variety of special topics courses such as: Election 2016 Bootcamp, Media and Politics, Religion, War and Politics, Military History, and Utopian Societies. Political science majors are encouraged to earn between 3 and 12 credits for successfully completing one or more internships, which provide practical experience in the field.

Students who minor in political science are required to complete any 18 credits in political science, including up to 6 hours through an internship.

Contact Information

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Political Science