Holleran Hall is a modern, open-floor designed "pod" style residence hall with apartments that house 12 students in double and single rooms. The building houses approximately 82 students. Holleran Hall houses all identifying genders, but each pod houses only students of the same identifying gender. The four-story residence all includes an elevator, a recreation room on the ground floor, a study room on the ground floor and a television lounge on the first floor. Housing the East Side Resident Assistant Information Desk, Holleran Hall is attached to the Campus Commons building.

Each pod has two toilet rooms, two shower rooms, four bathroom vanity areas, a laundry area, a kitchen with one stove, two full-size refrigerators, two microwaves, two sinks, a dining area and breakfast bar, and a living room. Bedrooms are supplied with one bed, dresser, desk and closet for each person residing in the room.

Building Information

  • Class Level: Sophomore students are housed in Holleran Hall. 
  • Types of Pods: Holleran Hall contains three 12-person pods, three 11-person pods (living with the RA), one six-person Pod, and two two-person efficiencies.
  • Air Conditioning: Holleran Hall is air-conditioned; each Pod has a thermostat to control the temperature in the living unit.
  • Window Treatments: All windows have internal mini blinds. There are two windows in doubles and one window in single bedrooms, therefore two tension rods are needed for hanging curtains in double bedrooms and one in single bedrooms. Curtains would need to be 40” wide x 64” long.
  • Carpeting: Residents must supply their own carpet in their bedrooms; living room has carpet. Carpet in a double bedroom should not exceed 138" by 171" and in a single bedroom 110" by 115".
  • Bedroom Closet Width: The width of the closets in Holleran Hall is approximately 36 inches.
  • Sheets: Mattresses are extra long twin.
  • Appliances: One internet jack is available per resident.  Each bedroom is allowed one microwave, one small refrigerator, and one coffee pot with automatic shut-off.
  • Bathroom: Each hallway in the Pod (six students) shares one shower, one toilet and two vanity sink areas.
  • Furniture: Each resident will have one adjustable bed, desk, desk chair, dresser and closet. 
  • Bed: 30” maximum height of adjustable bed
  • Elevator: Buildings is equipped with an elevator.
  • Laundry: Each pod/living unit has a laundry area with a washer and dryer.
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