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In recognition of our foundresses and in our Bernardine Franciscan tradition of serving those in need, Alvernia has created the Hope Fund. The fund will assist all students (undergraduate, graduate and adult) and families in financial need and provides the university with the flexibility and resources necessary to address student hardships as they arise.

How does the Hope Fund impact Alvernia students?

  • Scholarships provide financial aid to any (undergrad, grad, or adult learner) Alvernia student.
  • Educational Resources provide students funding for books, testing costs, accommodation and more.
  • Clare’s Cupboard provides groceries and meals at our campuses.
  • Emergency Aid provides support to students in times of crisis.



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Ashley '24

How has the Hope Fund made a positive impact on your time at Alvernia?

The Presidential Hope Fund has allowed me to focus on my classes and learning without worrying about any financial burdens. Without it, I would not have been able to experience all the amazing opportunities Alvernia has offered me.

What are your future plans, and how do you feel assistance from the Hope Fund has or will help you get there?

My future plans include graduating this spring with my master’s degree in athletic training. The Hope Fund has allowed me to focus on my rigorous class load and prepare me for my next steps.

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