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At Alvernia, we’re in the business of supporting and affirming people in the pursuit of changing their lives for good. If the vision you have of your life includes making an impact on the world, up-leveling your career growth, building a better life for your family, serving your community, or becoming the leader you’ve always known yourself to be - join us to kick-start your next steps. You’ve got the grit and the determination; we’ll give you the tools to build it into reality.

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Alvernia Comeback Stories

Margarita Cornejo Jimenez Alvernia University Student
Margarita Cornejo-Jimenez '21 MBA '22
Alvernia alumna triumphs through trauma to complete educational comeback.
Terrence Watts
Terrence Watts '22 MBA '23
From the military to the classroom, Alvernia MBA student creates his own flow.
Driss and Tracey Marino
Driss Ouhdou '22
Philadelphia campus student creates comeback for family over 3,000 miles away.


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We offer in-demand degrees from a highly regarded institution with plenty of academic choices and learning formats. Alvernia provides you with the degree you want to improve your life at a price you can afford, from a university that employers trust and respect.

With numerous graduate programs and dozens of BA/BS degree and degree-completion programs in nearly every field, Alvernia’s Graduate and Adult Education can prepare you for the life and the career you want. 

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Grad & AE Nursing Virtual Information Session

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