Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

The 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education is offered to professional registered nurses who possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or related field, Masters in Nursing (MSN) or related field or Doctorate. Courses provide nurses with foundational knowledge and essential skills to fulfill various roles in nursing education, including pre-licensure, postbaccalaureate education and staff development, and graduate education. Information contained in this certificate program will also address competencies to complement the roles of nurses working as staff educators, preceptors, and community health educators. Credits earned are eligible to be applied to the Alvernia MSN Program, Nursing Education track (36 total credits). MSN students pursuing concentrations in Leadership or Informatics have the opportunity to earn the Nursing Education Certificate as an addition to their studies.

Specific knowledge, skills and attributes of the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education are organized into four areas:

  1. Curriculum Development 
  2. Assessment and Evaluation in Teaching 
  3. Advanced Nursing Practice Skills & Knowledge/ Educator Role 
  4. Evidence-based Teaching Strategies


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education, the nurse will be able to: 

  • Apply oral, written and technological communication skills in an effective manner. 
  • Apply evidenced-based and outcome-measurement knowledge to the nurse educator role while exemplifying moral and ethical leadership. 
  • Attain effective utilization of teaching strategies in the achievement of educational goals. 
  • Integrate advanced nursing practice skills/knowledge into an educational environment.



You’ll find there are several ways Alvernia can help make your education more affordable. Alvernia offers a competitive tuition rate in conjunction with financial aid options, employer reimbursement and a tuition deferment plan. Additionally, Alvernia has preferred pricing options with all area hospitals. Contact your HR supervisor or an enrollment coordinator today for more information.


Admission Process

Alvernia continually reviews and accepts applications, making it easy to become part of our learning community. This process helps you start classes according to your schedule.


Curriculum Overview

The following courses comprise the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education program. Depending on their area of specific interest and scheduling needs, students may choose either NUR 530 (Advanced Health Assessment) or NUR 540 (Advanced Pathophysiology/
Pharmacology) to fulfill the Advanced Nursing Practice Skill/Knowledge competency.


  1. Curriculum Development
    • NUR 560: Policy and Curriculum
  2. Assessment and Evaluation in Teaching 
    • NUR 630: Measuring Educational Outcomes 
  3. Advanced Nursing Practice Skills & Knowledge (choose one)
    • NUR 530: Advanced Health Assessment
    • NUR 540: Advanced Pathophysiology/Pharmacology
  4. Evidence Based Teaching Strategies
    • NUR 640: Evidence Based Teaching Practice





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