Make Tuition Deferment Work for you!

Does your employer make you wait until the end of the semester to reimburse you for course work? Don’t raid your secret stash or dig through your couch cushions to make your payments. And certainly, don’t give up on pursuing your degree. Paying tuition costs up front can be difficult in the current economy, but it shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of employer education programs. Alvernia University can help. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the Office of Student Accounts for information on tuition deferment for graduate and continuing studies students who have an employer reimbursement program. The program allows Alvernia students to postpone payment for classes until employers reimburse them at the end of each semester.

How does tuition deferment work?
Alvernia University allows you to delay payment of your current term bill. This gives most employees enough time to receive their tuition reimbursement from their employers, and then pay their current term bill with the reimbursed funds. Importantly, the employee, not the employer, is ultimately responsible for all financial obligations to the University.

How do I sign up?
Contact the Office of Student Accounts for a Tuition Deferment Form, which allows you to participate in the reimbursement program. The office is located in Francis Hall, Room 201.  Office hours are located to the right on this web page.  The form is also available under Financial Aid Forms & Resources.

When is the sign-up deadline for tuition deferment?
A new form must be authorized by your employer and submitted in advance of each semester. Students should submit the Tuition Deferment Form at least one week prior to the start of the upcoming semester, or upon registration, in order to avoid being assessed a $100 late fee. Forms can be submitted in person, via fax (610.796.8425), or emailed to the Office of Student Financial Services at

Is there a charge for participating in this plan?
No. This program is designed to ease your financial burden, not add to it.

What if there is a delay in receiving reimbursement from my employer?
You are responsible for securing your grades (which can be accessed online through myAlvernia/Academics/My Academics) and for submitting them to your employer. Alvernia University must receive your payment by the deadline listed on the reimbursement form, regardless of whether you have received your company’s reimbursement by that date. You should contact the Office of Student Accounts as soon as possible if you anticipate a delay in receiving your reimbursement. Students are eligible to defer their tuition payment for 60 days from the conclusion of class.



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