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Clare Hall

Built in 2001, Clare Hall is a suite-style residence hall which houses approximately 176 First Year students. Clare Hall houses students of all sexes, but each suite contains only students of the same sex. It is a 3-story residence hall with an elevator, television lounge (located on the 2nd floor) and 2 study rooms (located on the 2nd and 3rd floor). Clare Hall is named after St. Clare of Assisi, an Italian saint and one of the first followers of St. Francis.



The residential themed communities #DoWellDoGood, ATHlead and The Scholars Den are housed within Clare Hall for students to gain a different experience at AU. #DoWellDoGood strives to engage our students in service opportunities in the Reading community and learn more about themes of social justice. The Scholars Den is designed to provide students in the Alvernia honors program or who are looking for an enviornment more academically/learning focused housing which meets their needs and engages them in learning with partnering faculty and peers. Finally, ATHLead is meant for Alvernia's student-athletes who are looking to live in the same community while getting programming within the resident hall tailored to fitness, nutrition, leadership, time management, etc.

Each suite has 2 separate bedrooms divided by a partial wall housing 2 or 3 students and a common bathroom for those 5 students to share.

Bedrooms are supplied with one bed, dresser, desk, and closet/wardrobe for each person residing in the room.


Clare Hall Building Information

Class Level: First Year Students are housed in Clare Hall. 

Residential Communities: Clare Hall houses the #DoWellDoGood, Athlead, Crusader Scholars, and Transfer Student Communities.

Types of Rooms: Clare Hall has thirty-eight 5 person suites in the building.

Air Conditioning: Clare Hall is air-conditioned with a unit on each side of the suite.

Window Treatments: All windows have internal mini blinds.  Windows are approximately 48” wide x 56” long.  Tension rods will be required to hang curtains.

Carpeting: Residents must supply their own carpet.  12’ x 13’ carpet will cover the majority of the tile floor on one side of the suite.

Bedroom Closet Width: Closets would  require a tension rod and a curtain size 34” wide x 96” long for extra privacy, but is not required.

Sheets: Mattresses are extra long twin.

Appliances: One internet jack is available per resident.  Each bedroom is allowed one microwave, one small refrigerator, and one coffee pot with automatic shut-off.

Bathroom: Each suite has a bathroom with toilet, vanity sink, and shower.

Furniture: Each resident will have one adjustable bed, desk, desk chair and closet or wardrobe. 

Bed: 30” maximum height of adjustable bed

Elevator: Buildings is equipped with an elevator.

Laundry: A common laundry room is available for students. Laundry on campus is free for students.

Furniture Dimensions:

Wardrobe: 19” wide x 47.5” high & 19.75” deep

Dresser: 29.25” wide x 30” high & 19.25” deep

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