South Reading Youth Initiative

The South Reading Youth Initiative aims to promote continued education, mentoring and support for healthy choices in children who live or go to school in the South Reading area.

Since its inception in the summer of 2006, the South Reading Youth Initiative has interacted with more than 250 youth, providing annual summer camps, after-school mentoring programs during the academic year and a variety of cultural activities including museum visits, sporting events and educational field trips all within the Greater Reading and Philadelphia area.


Goals of the South Reading Youth Initiative

  • Provide a positive, educational 'safe haven' for young people
  • Cultivate leadership development in the South Reading community
  • Promote continued education - completion of high school degree, post-secondary possibilities and career development
  • Utilize existing arts and community partnerships to broaden the cultural education of the young people of South Reading
  • Help grow and sustain the outreach program by infusing talent and energy from Alvernia students, faculty and staff


Community Partners and Funders


If you would like more information about the South Reading Youth Initiative, please contact the Holleran Center for Community Engagement at 610-790-1925 or

Holleran Center for Community and Global Engagement