Serve on the Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the advisory, governing body of Alvernia University's Alumni Association. The Council, comprised of approximately 26 elected graduates of varying class years, occupations, gender race and life experiences, serve as a representative voice for the alumni body. They provide overarching guidance and direction to the Alumni Association as well as advice when called upon by the University in matters relating to alumni.

The Council supports the University mission and core values by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and the alumni community. To that end, the Council will foster pride, loyalty, and a life-long connection to Alvernia University among alumni, students, parents and friends.

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Join A Committee

Find out firsthand just how rewarding it can be to serve as a volunteer on an alumni committee. Each committee has specific focus to help advance the Alumni Association and the University. Share your time and talent and help us make a difference. You can serve on one or more of the following committees:

Admissions - The Admissions Committee will work closely with the Admissions Department to help identify specific methods to increase admission enrollment as well as retention. The committee will provide assistance to established Admissions programs as well as investigate other opportunities that will strengthen our collaborative relationship

Alumni Advancement - The Advancement Committee will assist the Institutional Advancement team in educating students and alumni about the impact of philanthropy and help inspire students and alumni to invest in the University. The Committee will focus on building programs designed to celebrate generosity, promote philanthropy and increase alumni giving

Alumni/Student Engagement - The Alumni & Student Engagement Committee strives to create targeted programming to increase the engagement of both Alumni and current students to the University, on and off campus. The committee works to enhance current programs such as Homecoming and Family Weekend, MargaritaVern Networking Day (new) and regional programs to create and expand opportunities for alumni and students to network

Career Development - The Career Committee of the Alumni Council works with the University’s Career Development Office in addressing the transition from college to career. The committee looks to facilitate alumni engagement at every level, including mentoring students, career guidance, networking, providing informational interviews, externships and internships

Marketing -The Marketing Committee will assist the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement in marketing to alumni opportunities to stay connected and involved with the Alumni Association and the University. The Committee will also work on help develop marketing content and execution plan to increase awareness and visibility of alumni.

Nominations and Awards - The Nomination and Awards Committee is charged with identifying, reviewing and recommending new Council members as well as directing and managing programs of orientation for new members. The Committee will also be responsible for managing the nomination and awards process for recipients of the Distinguished Alumni and Ellen Frei Gruber Awards.

Young Alumni - The Young Alumni works to offer networking and volunteer opportunities that encourage alumni to remain connected to the University.

Share Updates and Data

We understand that storing and tracking people’s personal information is a sensitive topic. However, knowing where our alumni are and the types of careers they explore is critical to the livelihood of our community. At Alvernia, your success is our success.  Knowing where you are and what is going on in your lives strengthens the Alvernia Alumni Network. Here’s how:

  • We want to share news that is relevant to you. If we don’t know where you live, then we can’t send you an invitation to an event when Alvernia Wolves get together. If we don’t have your email, we won’t be able to share important news about the activities you were involved in while a student, the department in which you studied, or the good news about alumni around the globe.
  • It helps us sell the Alvernia experience to prospective students. Students and their parents considering Alvernia often wonder what alumni are doing with their degrees. By knowing where alumni work and what their job titles are, our admissions officers can articulate to prospective students and their families the wide variety of opportunities that are possible with a degree from Alvernia University.
  • It improves college rankings. Believe it or not, some college rankings factor in the job titles of our alumni, even though a graduate’s current position may be twenty years removed from their Alvernia experience. While the relevance of these ranking criteria could be questioned, the fact is prospective students use them. Therefore complete and up-to-date alumni information improves our ability to compete in an ever-increasingly ranked world.
  • It’s important to our ongoing accreditation. Just like the business world, the world of higher education has to justify its results. More and more, colleges and universities have to prove they are delivering on their mission statements, which means more than just providing graduation rates. Having complete alumni information helps us with that process by allowing us to report on statistics like: how many of our alumni pursue graduate degrees, or the type of career paths our alumni take.
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