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Get Involved with the Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the advisory, governing body of Alvernia University's Alumni Association. The Council, comprised of approximately 26 elected graduates of varying class years, occupations, gender race and life experiences, serves as a representative voice for the alumni body and provides overarching guidance and direction to the Alumni Association as well as advice when called upon by the University in matters relating to alumni.  The Alumni Association Council supports the University mission and core values by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and the alumni community. To that end, the Council will foster pride, loyalty, and a life-long connection to Alvernia University among alumni, students, parents and friends.

Please contact the Alumni and Parent Engagement Office for a Board Application.  Please return this form and your resume to: Alumni Association Nominating Committee c/o Julianne Nolan.  Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, Alumni House, Alvernia Unviersity, 400 Saint Bernardine Street, Reading, PA 19607 or


Join the Alumni Network

Here's how: Visit Click SIGN UP, type in your first and last name and hit NEXT.

♦ If the name you entered matches our Alumni database, your name, along with an abbreviated version of your email address or phone number, will pop up. Select your name or “None of the above” if this is not you.

♦ If the name you entered does not match our record in the database, try using a previous name if it has changed since graduation. If there is still no match, you will be prompted to enter an email address and create a password or you can use one of the social media logins.

♦ If you are not matched with a record in our database, don’t worry, you can go ahead and create and update a profile. Please update your profile with info like class year, birthdate, major and contact info to help us match your record to our database and approve your access to the community as soon as possible. Currently, only alumni (whose records are not marked as confidential or with some other exclusion) are pre-loaded into our community. 

♦ If your name does match our database and you activate this account, you will get automatic access to the full capabilities of the community. 

Questions? Please contact the Alumni Engagement Team at


Share Updates and Data 

We understand that storing and tracking people’s personal information is a sensitive topic. However, knowing where our alumni are and the types of careers they explore is critical to the livelihood of our community. At Alvernia, your success is our success.  Knowing where you are and what is going on in your lives strengthens the Alvernia Alumni Network. Here’s how:
  • We want to share news that is relevant to you. If we don’t know where you live, then we can’t send you an invitation to an event when Alvernia Wolves get together. If we don’t have your email, we won’t be able to share important news about the activities you were involved in while a student, the department in which you studied, or the good news about alumni around the globe.
  • It helps us sell the Alvernia experience to prospective students. Students and their parents considering Alvernia often wonder what alumni are doing with their degrees. By knowing where alumni work and what their job titles are, our admissions officers can articulate to prospective students and their families the wide variety of opportunities that are possible with a degree from Alvernia University.
  • It improves college rankings. Believe it or not, some college rankings factor in the job titles of our alumni, even though a graduate’s current position may be twenty years removed from their Alvernia experience. While the relevance of these ranking criteria could be questioned, the fact is prospective students use them. Therefore complete and up to date alumni information improves our ability to compete in an ever-increasingly ranked world.
  • It’s important to our ongoing accreditation. Just like the business world, the world of higher education has to justify its results. More and more, colleges and universities have to prove they are delivering on their mission statements, which means more than just providing graduation rates. Having complete alumni information helps us with that process by allowing us to report on statistics like: how many of our alumni pursue graduate degrees, or the type of career paths our alumni take. 


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