The School Principal Certification (K-12) curriculum is 21 credits. The faculty uses various course formats to help you learn, including case studies, lecture/discussion, group projects and simulation exercises to ensure what you gain in one course will reinforce and build on what you learn in others.

Up to 6 graduate credits earned at another institution may be accepted for the Alvernia equivalent below at the discretion of the department.


Curriculum Overview (21 Credits)

MED 515 Differentiated Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms - 3 credits

MED 550 Introduction to Educational Administration* - 3 credits (45 field hours)

MED 553 The School Administrator - 3 credits (45 field hours)

MED 610 School Law & Social Advocacy - 3 credits

MED 611 School Finance - 3 credits (45 field hours)

MED 650 Functions of School Supervision - 3 credits (45 field hours)

MED 685 Principal Internship I and II - 3 credits (180 field hours)

*Must be taken prior to courses which are listed below.

Principal Certification