What is an academic mark?

An academic mark is the primary moniker of a college or university, reflecting its education, knowledge and scholarship core. Also referred to as a “logo lockup,” an academic mark comprises a grouping of elements, created as one unit, that are uniquely representative of the university’s history, mission, vision and values. The university’s brand is visualized through the academic mark.


How will the new academic mark for Alvernia University be used?

Alvernia’s new academic mark serves as the primary identifier for the university, representing its mission, liberal arts education and strategic direction. Placed on all university collateral, including the website and other digital media, campus signage, print publications and advertisements, the new academic mark is the visual representation of the university’s brand.


Why is Alvernia replacing the A logo?

The A logo no longer reflects Alvernia’s new strategic direction and brand of excellence in mission, knowledge and innovation. The new academic mark symbolizes Alvernia’s strong, traditional values of a Catholic liberal arts education, serves as a reminder of the founding mission of the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters of service to all and reaffirms commitment to helping students develop innate talents, discover passions and lead successful lives with deep meaning and purpose. Alvernia is much more than the A in its name.


When will the new academic mark become effective?

Effective March 12, 2020, the A logo will no longer be used to represent Alvernia University. Transition to the new academic mark starts immediately in high profile areas (campus signage, website, email signatures, billboards, digital media) and ends over the next few months for other items (print collateral, banners). Full use of the new academic mark is expected by July 1, 2020.


How was the new academic mark created?

Creation of the new academic mark was led by a dynamic team of faculty along with the Marketing and Communications Division, Mission and Ministry and Senior Leadership Team, who all worked together to create the mark and accompanying narrative. Critical input also was received from students and alumni with the final mark approved by the board of trustees in March.


What will happen to the A logo?

While the A logo officially moves to Alvernia’s history, there is an element of the new academic mark that subtly gives homage to the A. Additionally, there are a few places on the campus where the A lives on as historical markers, particularly where permanently etched.


Does the new academic mark replace the Golden Wolves logo?

No. The academic mark does not replace the Golden Wolves logo, which is the primary mark for the Alvernia University’s Athletics Department, including all men’s and women’s sport teams, events and activities.

Academic Mark: Mission, Knowledge, Innovation