Matthew Prudente

It may have been its location that drew Dr. Matthew Prudente to Alvernia University five years ago, but it’s the sense of community that keeps him here.  

“Everything is collaborative,” said the associate professor of mathematics and chair of the Mathematics and Technology Department. “From top to bottom, I just feel the pull. The faculty, the students … they are always working to improve the school and themselves.” 

For students, part of that improvement comes via their academic experience, particularly from the unique experiential learning opportunities they get at Alvernia. Prudente plays a part in this with both the math and computer science departments.

Math students are able to help conduct research with faculty members and as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (S.U.R.F.) program. They can act as analysts and truly exercise problem-solving skills. Computer science students, particularly those in the cybersecurity field, can work with Berks-based businesses and experiment in solving real world issues that aid in preparing them to step into careers the minute they step off campus. 

“Dr. Prudente's passion for his subject matter is tangible, and his skillful instruction has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my major," said Michael Carrion '24, a mathematics major and head peer tutor at the Academic Success Center. "His commitment to his students outside of class has provided them with unique scholarly opportunities, such as research and conferences. Thanks to his guidance, I have been accepted to an REU program and feel equipped to complete my Honors Thesis, both of which have been instrumental in clarifying my career goals and preparing a competitive application to Graduate Math programs.”

“We’re all in this together. Success for one is success for all.”

Prudente says he really can see the appreciation students have for the personal attention they receive while studying at Alvernia. 

“They are taken care of academically,” he said. “We know them by name and are able to be mentors as well as educators. We are their cheerleaders. It’s important for us to give them positive reinforcement.” 

Prudente takes particular pride in his role helping to restart the university’s Secondary Education Program, particularly the math portion. He sees it as a multiple-phase win with Alvernia returning to its roots of educating teachers, and in being able to give those much-needed teachers back to the Berks County community. Ideally, students in the program will also be able to meet a more immediate need in the community: by serving as tutors to local students who may be struggling. It helps the Alvernia student gain valuable teaching skills. It helps the recipient student with his or her struggles, and it helps the teacher in the district that is likely short on time and resources. 

After all, asserted Prudente: “We’re all in this together. Success for one is success for all.” 


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Collaboration adds to Alvernia experience, mathematics professor says

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