Pickleball Club

From left: Quincy Esannason, Maximus DeOliveira, Michael Andrew, and Jack Natalino.

Student engagement results in Registered Student Organization of the Year award

The pickleball community in Reading, Pa. is prominent. Alvernia is no different. Over 40 students joined the Pickleball Club in its debut semester. The club allows members to participate in weekly practices, monthly tournaments, and volunteer opportunities.


It began after President Jack Natalino and Vice President Quincy Esannason took a physical education pickleball course. They found their passion for the sport through the class and felt it could become a permanent opportunity for students to exercise and socialize in a stress-free environment.


"It's really good for stress for me because I'm a DPT major. I'm constantly doing homework and studying, so it's great to get out and just get some exercise and have some fun," said Natalino. "It's a great platform to meet new people and form good friendships. I thought it would be some small thing, maybe like a couple of my friends, but I've met at least 20 to 30 people through the Pickleball Club. Everyone's very nice to each other; I just see a bunch of smiles."

Pickleball Club

Pickleball Club members at the last tournament of the semester on May 2 in the Physical Education Center 


What began as an idea between friends has developed into a thriving pickleball community. The club was named Registered Student Organization of the Year by the Student Government Association for being one of the most popular and active clubs on campus.


"It was so cool to see how pickleball got so many people together; I have never seen so many students show up to a club-organized event," said Greta Bender. "Being a part of this club, I get to support my best friend Jack and I get to have fun playing with my closest friends."


Pickleball Club Named RSO of the Year

Pickleball Club President Jack Natalino accepted the Registered Student Organization of the Year award at the Student Government Association (SGA) Awards and Inductions Ceremony from SGA Treasurer Madison Pertl. 


In addition to providing a fun atmosphere for students to become active and meet new people, the club is also committed to giving back to the community. Their most recent service efforts involved collaborating with the IM ABLE Foundation, which provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in physical activity. The club was able to set up pickleball nets at IM ABLE's 2024 Bash event and teach and play pickleball with participants.


"I had not had the opportunity to have a lot of community service in high school, so it was a new experience for me, and I loved it," said Natalino. "We made sure everybody had everything they needed, we played some games with the kids... They were having fun; it was great to see."


The last tournament of the year on May 2nd wrapped up the club's successful first semester. The club leaders plan to build upon its success in the following school year with practices, monthly tournaments with prizes, finding more service opportunities and giving back to the community.


For more information about Pickleball Club, visit the PAX Page.

Pickelball at IM ABLE Foundation Bash

Photo by Gary Altoonian Photography. Attendees of the IM ABLE Foundation Bash playing pickleball.

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