Alvernia and Messiah Partnership

Dr. Spencer S. Stober, professor of leadership studies, hoods Ph.D. in leadership graduate Janette M. Schumacher, Ph.D. ‘22 

Alvernia grants Messiah graduate students tuition discount for University’s Ph.D. program 

Alvernia University and Messiah University construct a pathway for Messiah graduate students to continue their educational journey in the Ph.D. in Leadership program at Alvernia featuring a 10% tuition discount.  


“As organizations and communities face complex challenges, the demand for professionals with advanced knowledge, expertise and credentials to lead change is growing,” said Alvernia University President-Elect, Dr. Glynis A. Fitzgerald. “In Alvernia’s Ph.D. program, students acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, along with leadership skills that position them as experts in their field. We are appreciative of Messiah University for their partnership to create a seamless educational transition for Messiah graduates into this program." 


Messiah graduates from the Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership, Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Higher Education graduates must successfully meet all the Alvernia University Ph.D. admissions requirements to be considered for admission into the Ph.D. in Leadership program. Once admitted, Alvernia will award a 10% discount annually to Messiah graduates. Recipients of the tuition discount must enroll in at least six program credits per semester and be in good academic standing according to Alvernia University's program academic policies but do not need to demonstrate financial need to receive it. 


“Society is crying out for servant-leaders of integrity, who intentionally put the needs of others before themselves and who take intentional actions that promote the common good,” said Messiah University Executive Director of University Partnerships and Assistant to the President, Dr. Rob Pepper. “We are pleased to partner with Alvernia on this initiative as this opens up an intentional pathway for our students to continue in their graduate studies at an institution with commitments to train up leaders who will address the needs of our communities in Pennsylvania and beyond. In particular, the opportunity for our graduates to select additional electives in one of Alvernia’s three concentrations (corporate leadership, educational leadership or community leadership) is attractive as our graduates are serving in leadership roles in all three of these arenas.” 


Dependent upon the specific courses completed by the Messiah graduate, Alvernia may waive up to two required courses in the prescribed curriculum and replace these two requirements with up to two elective courses aside from the core Research Methods courses. 


“Creating a strong regional partnership with Messiah University is an exciting opportunity for us to work with a like-minded university to develop ethical leaders with moral courage,” said Alvernia University Dean of the College of Business, Communication, and Leadership, Dr. Travis Berger. “This partnership opens the doors for Messiah’s graduate students to enter our award-winning Ph.D. in Leadership program in a focused, affordable, and flexible manner that will allow them to earn their doctorate in less than four years.”