Ph.D. in Leadership

Fulfill a lifelong goal. Make an original contribution. Gain the confidence and credentials to teach, publish, consult, or lead. Alvernia University's PhD in Leadership program is designed to help you pursue your passions.

In Alvernia University's Doctor of Philosophy program, you will acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, along with leadership skills that will position you as an expert in your field. Although our doctoral program is designed to develop accomplished scholar-practitioners, there are some distinct differences in the three area of concentrations of the program. Students are forever changed by their Alvernia University doctoral program experience.

With three semesters a year, our PhD program lets you earn your degree at a faster pace than traditional programs. To help fit a student's busy lifestyle, classes meet once a week per semester. Classes meet on Monday night during the first year, and then rotate to Tuesday for the second year, and Wednesday for the third year.

All students are admitted for the doctoral program beginning end of August.  It is expected that students will complete their program in five to five-and -a-half years with a limit of seven years.  Students typically spend approximately three and a half years on course work, and another two years on their dissertation.

View the curriculum required for this degree, read about the PhD program in our Doctor of Philosophy Brochure, learn more about our admission process, review our PhD student handbook, view the PhD newsletter, or request more information.


Contact Ph.D. Admissions: 610.790.1924

Ph.D. in Leadership
Abby Wells Fulbright Scholar Alvernia University
Student Profile
PhD student Abby Wells named Fulbright Scholar
Spencer Stober
Faculty Profile
Dr. Spencer S. Stober, Professor of Biology, Leadership Studies
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Original investigations of a research problem or theory of importance within a student's concentration
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