Alvernia University Campus News Policy

Campus News is an internal email communication that informs the campus community of important announcements and events and furthers the goals of the University, its departments and its organizations.


Campus News is compiled and distributed, by email, to members of the Alvernia University campus community by the Office of Institutional Advancement (IA). Anyone with an Alvernia University email address will receive Campus News.

The email is sent on Wednesdays. If the University is closed, Campus News will be sent the next open business day.

Announcements must be submitted, via the Campus News form, by 5 p.m. on Monday (no exceptions) to be published in the Wednesday's Campus News. Each announcement is limited to two issues and will be run AS SUBMITTED.

Errors are the responsibility of the person submitting the announcement. Corrections will not be issued. If a submitter errs in the submission, a correction can be issued for the following week's Campus News at the request of the submitter.

Before Sending…

  • Do not copy and paste your announcements, type the text directly into the form. Otherwise, formatting sometimes gets lost and can be difficult to read.
  • Short and concise announcements are best for capturing attention. If more details are available, consider including a web link to additional information. Type parenthesis around the link when submitting your announcement, and we will be sure to hyperlink the appropriate text to make it easy for readers to click on.
  • Not sure what section to select when submitting your announcement? Consider the following descriptions:
    • Events: On-campus events for students, faculty and/or staff -- must have a date in the announcement to be included in this section
    • This and That: Important announcements that are not specifically related to an event
    • Community: Opportunities for the campus community to participate in community-related events
    • Classifieds: On-campus job postings, give away items, large items for sale, etc. – see the Classifieds section below for more details
  • For event related announcements, be sure to include important details such as date, time, location, if there is a cost and whom to contact for questions.
  • Always reread your announcement and double check for grammar and details before submitting. Spelling and grammar issues will not be corrected by the newsletter editors. The editors suggest using Grammarly to check for these errors.
  • Photos/Graphics may be submitted as part of your announcement but must be emailed directly to
    • When emailing, please include GRAPHIC in the subject line along with the headline for the announcement you would like to pair it with, i.e. "GRAPHIC Turkey Drive Needs Volunteers"
    • Photos must be in 16:9 format (rectangular) with a maximum width of 800 pixels. 
    • The ideal size for a graphic is 800 pixels (width) by 450 pixels (height)
    • Photos and graphics should be in .png or .jpg format.
    • Only one photo/graphic can be submitted per announcement. Also, only one photo/graphic can be submitted by a single department each issue.
    • Any photos that do not meet these requirements will not be included as it will interrupt the design of the newsletter.
    • At this time, photos/graphics can't be linked to a URL. 
  • Flyers/Other Attachments: In general, flyers and other attachments are discouraged from being submitted with announcements. lf flyers need to be submitted, they must accompany a written announcement and the flyer file must be sent separately to
    • ​​​​​​​When emailing, please include FLYER in the subject line along with the headline for the announcement you would like to pair it with, i.e. "FLYER Turkey Drive Needs Volunteers"
    • Flyers need to be in .pdf format (Microsoft Word flyers will not be accepted)
    • Flyers will only be included as a link, the graphic version of the flyer will not be embedded into the newsletter as it will interrupt the design of the newsletter.
    • As in the case with other web links (see above), somewhere in the body of the announcement, please indicate the word that should be linked to the flyer.
    • The editors reserve the right to reject any flyer that could be submitted as a standalone announcement.
  • If any changes need to be made to your announcement after submitting, please send an email to The editors can't guarantee changes will be made for the current issue, depending on where the newsletter is in the creation/editing process.

Campus News Announcement Policy

Alvernia University’s Senior Leadership Team has approved the following policy regarding the content of Campus News. Institutional Advancement has been charged with administering the policy.

  • Announcements that include racially or sexually disparaging remarks, references to alcohol specials or offensive language will not be allowed.
  • Only SGA approved student groups may request Campus News announcements.
  • Announcements of a political nature will not be included in Campus News, unless they are submitted by an approved political Student Group. In these instances, the announcements should be positive and constructive; IA will deny all submissions that disparage another political party or candidate.
  • Announcements that require additional clarification might be held until IA has obtained additional details from the sponsoring organization.

Classified Ad Guidelines

Classified Advertising is provided as a service to Alvernia University faculty, staff and students. Listings can include: lost and found and larger items such as vacation rentals, electronics, vehicles and furniture. On-campus paid job postings must be submitted through Human Resources.

Announcements regarding home sales and rentals will not be accepted.

Classified ads seeking roommates for off-campus apartments will be declined.

All opportunities for off-campus student employment will be referred to the Office of Career Development.

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