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Students have access to resource used by leading business and financial professionals

Alvernia's Header School of Business brings the real world into the classroom with a resource used by leading business and financial professionals worldwide, the essential computer software used in the financial sector. The Bloomberg Terminal, available for students to use in business labs at the John R. Post Center at Reading CollegeTowne and Pottsville CollegeTowne, provides real-time and historical data, market-moving news and analytics. The Bloomberg Terminal also features electronic trading for every asset class, research and a global network to communicate securely and reliably, invaluable preparation for today's open-source, fast-changing digital marketplace.

The university’s subscription to the Bloomberg Terminal serves as a resource for students and professors. It enables students to become familiar with tools used in financial services, receiving insight into thousands of companies in more than 130 industries, helping them to understand the driving forces behind the movements in major asset classes, credit metrics, economics and government policy. Professors use the terminal to further their own research.

"The Bloomberg Terminal infuses our business curriculum with real-time market and company analysis, data, research and news, providing our students with access to the same platform used by the leading corporations, banks and government agencies," said Travis A. Berger, dean of the College of Business, Communication, and Leadership. "Gaining strategic insights into thousands of companies and related industries, sectors and markets takes experiential learning to a whole new level."

Founded by Michael Bloomberg in the 1980s in New York, the terminal revolutionized an industry by bringing transparency to financial markets. Today it is one of the industry’s most widely used sources to help subscribers make smarter, faster, more informed decisions. Bloomberg Terminal is used by over 320,000 subscribers all around the world.

Alvernia students also have access to Bloomberg News, featuring research that goes deeper and offers context to make the news make sense. Students can then create their own robust research content that integrates their ideas with Bloomberg data to create compelling insights — just as they will need to do to succeed in the world that awaits them.

Bloomberg Market Concepts

Alvernia offers training and certification from Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC), a library of e-learning courses that provides an introduction to the financial markets. BMC certificates and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) certifications provide evidence of technical training in the world of financial management and investment. In addition, students have the opportunity to compete in the Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge. Using virtual currency, teams of students led by a faculty advisor compete against students from around the world to see which group can generate the highest profit and loss return.

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AU Business Students Compete in Global Trading Challenge
In 2023, students in Alvernia's Financial Decision-Making course competed in the Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge, an international business competition with over 10,000 students competing. Alvernia’s groups had strong placements, with one team placing in the top 5%.


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