Bog Turtle Creek Farm downtown Reading

Bog Turtle Creek Farm


About the Project:

Bog Turtle Creek Farm is a program designed to make healthy, fresh produce available to families in the City of Reading, including those who utilize government programs such as WIC and SNAP to purchase their food. It is a student-led response to food deserts and the effects of a lack of healthy, affordable food options on low-income families in our community. Alvernia Students manage the farm and the produce will be sold each Friday at the Penn Street Market. This is the only Farmer’s Market in the Berks County that currently accepts SNAP.

In an area vapid of affordable fresh fruits and vegetables, the need for healthy produce still remains. Grocery stores are loaded with cheap and unhealthy items for low-income families. Bog Turtle Creek Farmers make it their duty to offer low-income families alternatives that are both healthy and affordable.

Holleran Center for Community and Global Engagement