Honors students walk to a class in Francis Hall

Mission Statement and Goals

The Honors Program at Alvernia University assists students of outstanding intellectual promise and high motivation who are interested in future graduate or professional study and/or seeking increasing challenge at the undergraduate level. The program is designed to recognize and encourage academic excellence, to stimulate students to work at their own pace, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among students with different interests and in different disciplines. The honors program provides co-curricular activities, service opportunities, and intellectual and social support, adding significant dimensions to the student’s academic program.



Benefits of the Program

The Honors Program provides talented and academically motivated students the opportunity to be in an academically challenging and stimulating environment:

  • Students are surrounded by similarly minded students who take learning seriously.

  • Students are in courses taught by faculty who focus on interdisciplinary topics and active learning styles, as well as emphasize reading and writing;


Students are able to take courses on unusual topics that stretch the way they view the world and force them to grapple with complex and ambiguous questions;

  • Students are encouraged to participate in numerous co-curricular opportunities both related to and unrelated to their course of study.

The Honors Program fits into the broader mission of Alvernia University by promoting the five core values of the University: service, humility, peacemaking, contemplation, and collegiality.

Honors Contact Information

Victoria Williams, Ph.D.

Director of Honors Program

Francis Hall 406



Honors Program