The Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility Certification curriculum includes 5 courses (15 credits) and 360 hours of field experiences. 


(15 credits)

PhD 731: Advanced Supervision (3 credits, 45 field hours)
PhD 807: Curriculum, Culture and Instructional Leadership (3 credits, 45 field hours)
PhD 821: Organizational Policy/Finance (3 credits, 45 field hours)
PhD 830: Current Issues in Education (3 credits, 45 field hours)

PhD 885: Superintendent’s Internship (3 credits, 180 internship hours)

Note: With the exception of the Internship course (PhD 885), the required 12 credits of coursework is transferable to the Alvernia University Ph.D. in Philosophy of Leadership.

Program Exit Requirements

  • Complete the 15-credit coursework including field experiences and internship
  • Earn GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Satisfy the requirements set forth in 24 P.S. §12-1209 relating to good moral character
  • Earn passing scores on the required Pennsylvania Certification Test
  • Be able to provide verification of six years of satisfactory school experience, of which at least three must be in a supervisory or administrative capacity, prior to applying for certification.
Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility