The Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility curriculum is 15 credits (5 classes). Our faculty uses various course formats to help you learn, including case studies, lecture/discussion, group projects and simulation exercises to ensure what you gain in one course will reinforce and build on what you learn in others.


(15 credits)

Required Courses (12 credits):

PhD 731: Advanced Supervision (45 hours)
PhD 807: Curriculum, Culture and Instructional Leadership (45 hours)
PhD 821: Organizational Policy/Finance (45 hours)
PhD 830: Current Issues in Education (45 hours)

Required Capstone Course (3 credits):

PhD 885: Superintendent’s Internship (180 hours)

Note: With the exception of the Internship course (PhD 885), the required 12 credits of coursework is transferable to the Alvernia University Ph.D. in Philosophy of Leadership.

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Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility