Organizational Leadership Certificate

The Organizational Leadership Certificate is a credit-bearing program designed for those individuals and organizations that do not have the resources (time and/or money) to enter and fulfill the requirements for the MOL program.

Semester #1: Fall
MOL 520: Leadership Development I (Mod 1) (3cr)
Total Credits: 3

Semester #2: Spring
MOL 540: Leadership Theory (3cr)
Total Credits: 3

Semester #3: Summer
MOL 560: Foundational Leadership Literature (Online) (3cr)
MOL 610: Leadership Development II (Mod 6) (3cr)
Total Credits: 6

Semester #4: Fall
MOL 630: Organizational Change  (3cr)
Total Credits: 3

Semester #5: Spring
COR 520: Ethics & Moral Leadership (3cr)
Total Credits: 3

Total Credits: 18
Traditional Course: 14/15 week session that meets one night per week

Mod Course: 7/8 week session that meets one night per week

Online Course: 11 week session


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