The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program is designed to enhance the scholarly and professional development of classroom teachers who aspire to gain an administrative position. The program has the Principal Certification option. The program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Education Leadership Program Mission

In keeping with Alvernia's Christian commitment toward the harmonious development of the whole person, The Principals' Certification Program aims to develop self-directed and competent building administrators who are capable of and accountable for decision-making in all phases of their professional responsibilities.

The program provides professional educators with a broad-based knowledge of leadership in the field of education, whether for an administrative position or for a classroom teacher serving in a leadership capacity (such as a department chair, committee head, or community leader).The curriculum includes both historical and current knowledge of legislation, laws and research findings, existing and emerging theory, and methods of assessment. Students learn to encourage respect and social responsibility through the mastery of  theory, fundamental techniques, and research-based best practices.


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Questions? Contact:

Kelly Burr, M.Ed.

Associate Director of Admissions, School of Graduate and Adult Education

610.796.8296 (phone),  610.796.8367 (fax)


Sister Margaret Anne Dougherty, RSM, Ph.D.

Coordinator, M.Ed. in Leadership Programs


Master of Education in Educational Leadership
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