Graduate Certificate in Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership is a credit-bearing program designed for those individuals and organizations that seek graduate level study in leadership, with less extensive requirements than a full degree program.  Credits earned toward the Graduate Certificate are transferable to the MA in Leadership program at Alvernia.

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership may be earned by completing 12 credits from the MA in Leadership curriculum, which shall include:


Three (3) Core Leadership courses:

  • COR 520 Ethics and Moral Leadership (3 cr)
  • LDR 520 Leadership Development (3 cr)
  • LDR 540 Leadership Theory (3 cr)


One (1) Elective selected from:

  • The Leadership Studies program (LDRxxx)


  • Interdisciplinary Courses from other graduate programs at Alvernia with approval by the Department of Leadership Studies Chair or Program Coordinator and Directors (MBA, MACC, MSN, etc.)


The Graduate Certificate in Leadership may be started in any semester (Fall, Spring or Summer).  The certificate may be earned in 2 semesters if two courses are taken each semester, or 4 semesters if only one course is taken.


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