At Alvernia, we express our heritage by sharing a Christian vision and goals, reflecting on the world as seen through the light of faith, and commitment to service for the common good. Our students experience intellectual and spiritual growth that shapes who they are for the remainder of their lives. It is our goal to provide opportunities for our students to wrestle with the challenges of coming into adulthood knowing that there can be harmonious unity between faith and reason.

Campus Ministry offers a rich liturgical life for all our students, who are encouraged to participate in Mass on Sunday and during the week. They are also encouraged to worship  and pray at one of the chapels available on campus.

Mass Schedule

Daily Mass
8:00 AM: Sacred Heart Chapel (Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Motherhouse)

Sunday Mass
9:00 AM: Sacred Heart Chapel 
7:00 PM: Sacred Heart Chapel

Weekly Mass
Wednesdays 12 PM Sacred Heart Chapel with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters

What are some of the elements of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition?

  • Inspiration of individuals and the university community
  • Continuing reflection on the light of faith and the growing treasury of human knowledge
  • Faithfulness to the Christian message
  • Institutional commitment to service of the people of God and human community
  • Intellectual understanding of core catholic beliefs
  • Worship
  • Social action
  • Promotion of justice, peace, economic opportunity, human dignity

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