Student with dog on campus

Criminal Justice Administration graduate Elizabeth Goida values the education she received at Alvernia University, which included real-world experiences, such attending the Reading Police Academy and working with the Reading Police Department. The internship gave her a first-hand look at both the administrative and patrol side of a police department. Through the  Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (S.U.R.F.), Goida conducted a research study about the value of K-9 units and how they help to build positive connections between police officers and residents of the community they serve. She presented her findings at national conferences in Philadelphia, New York and New Orleans.

“I was able to start the conversation on why these units are important not only to the department and the officers, but to the community as well. Every K-9 officer I talked to said that having a dog is a great conversation starter. It helps to change the public perception of police officers,” said Goida.

Today, Elizabeth serves as a police officer in the Patrol Division of the Cumru Township Police Department.

Criminal Justice Administration

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Bachelor of Arts
Criminal Justice Administration
  • Reading Campus
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Undergraduate Major
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Also available as a minor