Ignite Student Leadership Development Program

Freshmen have the opportunity to participate in our Ignite Student Leadership Program starting their first year. The Ignite-Year One program allows first year students the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff, and students at the university in discussions on leadership topics and attend presentations by campus leaders. SHOW UP and become a leader. 

Visit the PAX-Promoting Alvernia eXperiences portal to learn more about campus involvement and activities.

Alvernia Opportunities for Leadership (AOL) 

AOL is the process that students can go through to apply for numerous University Life leadership positions: Resident Assistant, Community Facilitator, Commuter Assistant, Orientation Weekend Leader, Orientation Assistant, Alternative Break Site Leader, Campus Ministry Leadership Team, Peer Mentor, Peer Tutor, Supplemental Instructor, Writing Tutor, and Peer Educator. This process typically starts in the beginning of the spring semester. SHOW UP to become a campus leader and invest in yourself. 

Freshman Year Experience (FYE)

The Freshman Year Experience (FYE) at Alvernia was developed to help students make a successful transition to college life and learning while engaging in the mission and traditions of the university. The Freshman Year Experience (FYE) consists of a series of common courses and academic experiences, the Connection Days and Orientation program, residential experiences and living-learning communities for students who live on campus, and a series of events and programs throughout their freshman year at Alvernia University. 

Show Up to Meet the Freshman Squad Goals

The Freshman Year Experience - Squad Goals, is a component of the FYE program. Freshmen will have the opportunity to engage in different events from different categories that will provide them additional ways to connect with the Alvernia community and enhance their student experience. There are opportunities to win prizes by completing individual categories, as well as being entered into a larger prize for completing all categories. For more information, visit our Squad goals webpage:

Common Courses and Academic Experiences

While students are here to focus on their academic field of study, they are also here to develop as life-long learners and ethical leaders with moral courage. These goals begin to be met through our freshman year common courses and common reading program. All freshmen are required to take: First Year Seminar (FYS 101), Communication 101 (COM 101), Philosophy 105 (PHI 105), and Theology 105 (THE 105) during their freshman year at Alvernia.

Advising is central to students’ freshman year experience, and together with the seminar, helps students establish a strong foundation in their freshman year at Alvernia. Students are advised by the faculty member who is their First Year Seminar instructor. This gives students the opportunity to develop a solid relationship with their advisor, a relationship that spans their entire freshman year and connects their experience in the classroom to their experience outside of it.  

The final experience is the common reading program. All freshmen are required to read a common reading which they use throughout their first year seminar course and within the first semester at Alvernia. Events, speakers, and course offerings are tied to the reading and students are asked to think critically about the topic and viewpoints the reading offers.  

Connection Days and Orientation 

The Office of Student Activities leads these two initiatives to help students transition successfully into both college and Alvernia life. The goal of both programs to provide support through information, peer interaction, faculty/staff interaction, and programs to all freshman students. Connection Day is a day that freshman students are invited to campus to begin to gain information and a sense of what their experience at Alvernia will be like while allowing the students to begin to connect to their peers and the Alvernia faculty and staff within the community. Orientation is the program that starts the freshman's academic year. Students get to interact with their First Year Seminar class, instructor, peer mentor, and are assigned Orientation Weekend Leaders (OWLs) to assist them in their transition. Students get to participate in several information sessions, service with their FYS Class, and several social opportunities to engage in the Alvernia experience. 

Residential Experience and Living-Learning Communities

For freshman student living on campus, the Office of Residence Life offers several different living-learning communities to engage with your freshman year. These communities are optional; however, they provide additional peer support, faculty/staff support, and programming around their theme. The living-learning communities include Athlead, #DoWellDoGood, Pulse, Mission: Alvernia, and Crusader Scholars. These communities are limited by space and students will have the opportunity to sign-up for these communities on their housing application in a first come-first served basis. 

All students, whether they choose to participate in a living-learning community or not, will have the opportunity to engage in hall programming designed around supporting our first year students in their transition to college living and college life. These programs range from developing roommate agreements, dealing with conflict, studying and academic skills, engaging in campus life, experiencing cultural-diversity, community service, and much more.  

Commuter Student Support

Students who are not living on campus will also recieve additional support the first year. The Office of Student Activities will connect the commuter students to a Commuter Assistant (CA) who is an upperclass commuting student who can offer insight and advice to freshman commuter students. They will also sponsor programming to assist commuter students in their transition to their freshman year at Alvernia and life as a commuter student. For more information, contact the Office of Student Activities at 610-796-8408 or student.activities@alvernia.edu

Don't Forget to SHOW UP your Freshman Year!


Golden Wolves Weekends

The Office of Student Activities ensures that every weekend there are a variety of events and programs offered for students to attend Friday-Sunday. There is something to do everyday so SHOW UP your freshman year and stay on weekends.   

First Year Community Living

Freshmen have the opportunity to participate in a number of living-learning residential communities their freshman year. Freshman students will opt into these themed communities which are paired with an upperclass Community Facilitator and a Faculty/Staff Partner. Special programs around their community's theme will be offered to students. SHOW UP and participate in your community. 

Freshman Year Experience