Introducing Alvernia's Apprenticeship to Degree Program, where students have the opportunity to earn, learn and intern, forging careers while contributing to the development of the local workforce. This program establishes a dynamic partnership between the university and local industries, small businesses and government entities. Through paid externships and internships, students embark on a journey of professional growth and development.

The Apprenticeship to Degree initiative allows employers to introduce Alvernia students to their organizational culture with the prospect of making long-term hires. Enrolled students gain valuable employment opportunities and enjoy the benefits of on-campus housing, credits toward graduation and a comprehensive orientation to the diverse career options throughout the region. The program fosters familiarity and consistency by encouraging students to engage with the same organization/employer for multiple years, enhancing exposure, understanding and appreciation for the employer's industry. The AU Apprenticeship to Degree Program is not just an internship program, it's a brain gain for students and the local community.

Career Development

Career Fair John R. Post Center at Reading CollegeTowne
Alvernia University Business Student in Classroom
Spencer Matthews, communication student, at CHOP internship.

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Employer Benefits
  • Costs of hiring and training new employees will be offset by a one-to-three-year internship/externship that may lead to hires.
  • Students studying at Alvernia will stay in the region leading to less attrition.
Business Benefits: Supporting Alvernia Students

Academic Year Semester Housing

  • Move in early as needed for internship
  • Housing Cost - $59 a day
  • Alvernia provides professional training and mentoring to assist with transition to employment.

Summer Housing

  • Housing Cost - Covered by Alvernia
  • Alvernia provides professional staff and residential assistants on-site to support residents and monitor activities on campus.
Externships and Internships

Externship Model

  • Provide part-time paid externship opportunities for Alvernia University students during the academic year and full or part-time to full-time paid externship opportunities in the summer.
  • Offer a variety of employment options for students to choose, including engineering, communications, business and marketing.
  • Employer hiring processes implemented
  • Employer requirements instituted and financially supported if licensing and training is required

Internship Model

  • Provide 10-20 hour a week internship opportunity (part-time) or 20-40 hours (fulltime, summer & winter only) for Alvernia University students during the academic year.

Apprenticeship to Degree vs. O'Pake Fellows Program

Alvernia's Apprenticeship to Degree and Alvernia's O'Pake Fellows program serve similar but different purposes to increase opportunities and exposure for Alvernia Students. 

Student ExperiencesApprenticeship to Degree ProgramO'Pake Fellows Program
Socialization to Professional Culture
Employment-Based Internship 
Project Based Fellowships 
Exposure to one industry partner's culture 
Exposure to multiple industry partners. Work may occur on site. 
1-3 years of scaffolded training and employment interviews for long-term employment in the company 
Retain students in the Reading area
Obtain credits for the experience


Interested in the AU Apprenticeship to Degree Program?

Students interested in participating in the program should contact the Office of Career Development at

Employers interested in participating in the program should contact the Office of the Provost at