Wendy Yuengling Executive-in-Residence

Students gain access to corporate insight and mentorship 

Alvernia names D.G. Yuengling & Son’s Chief Administrative Officer and 6th generation family member, Wendy Yuengling, as the College of Business, Communication & Leadership’s Executive-in-Residence (EIR) for the 2023-24 academic year.  


"The College of Business, Communication, and Leadership continues to provide a vibrant academic community, and our EIR program is instrumental in this regard,” said Dean of the College of Business, Communication & Leadership, Dr. Travis Berger. “We are honored and extremely fortunate that Wendy Yuengling is serving as this year's executive-in-residence. Her insights, experiences, and perspectives will be a tremendous advantage to our learners, faculty, and the Alvernia community. We look forward to listening to, collaborating with, and learning from such an accomplished executive." 


This fall, Yuengling will host an interactive Q&A session with Alvernia’s Senior Leadership Team, business students, engineering students and faculty moderated by MBA program Director, Don Schalk.  


“I’m excited to be involved with Alvernia University, not only as the Executive-in-Residence, but also getting involved with the new Pottsville CollegeTowne campus.  Their efforts and investment in local communities is helping to craft a new generation of leaders,” said Yuengling. “This partnership will serve as a catalyst for both entrepreneurship and economic development, both of which are important to us as a 6th generation family business rooted in Pottsville.” 


The EIR program, now in its eighth year, allows students to gain valuable insight into real-world experiences directly from regional industry executives. Students also learn about the specific skills that leaders are looking for in college graduates, various leadership styles and real-life professional scenarios through interactive sessions and classroom lectures with Yuengling and other executives. 


Wendy Yuengling is a 6th generation family member of D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery®. After graduating from Lehigh University’s College of Business and Economics with a Bachelor of Science in marketing, Wendy worked as a project manager for Information Resources, Inc., a market research company. She then moved to Baltimore, Maryland where she began her advertising career with Carton Donofrio Partners and MGH Advertising. In 2004, Wendy joined the family business and worked her way from sales, marketing, brewing and packaging to her current administrative position and focuses on information systems; finance; human capital; and sales and marketing.  She currently chairs the board for The Yuengling Company LLC, and also serves on the board for the downtown Pottsville Area Development Corporation (PADCO).  


“Involvement with the PADCO board introduced me to Alvernia’s impact both in Berks County and now in our hometown of Pottsville,” added Yuengling.  “Alvernia’s strong academic curriculum and expanding presence is developing future leaders, which is a boost for emerging and long-time local businesses like Yuengling, being rooted in the greater Pennsylvania community since 1829.” 


Past EIRs include Andy Moses, Senior Vice President of Sales and Solutions with Penske Logistics, Ira Trauber, president of TRIOSE. Paula Barrett, RKL, LLP. Partner, John Adams, Berks County district attorney and president of the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Institute; Paul Cohn, chief client experience officer and team leader relationship manager with Clermont Wealth Strategies; Tracy Davidson, morning news anchor for NBC10 in Philadelphia; Kenda Creasy Dean, published author and co-founder and lead permissionary of Ministry Incubators; Steve Gerhard, superintendent of Governor Mifflin School District; Brittany Sweeney, news reporter for PBS39 News Tonight; Chris Pruitt, CEO of East Penn Manufacturing; Andrea Funk, former CEO of Cambridge-Lee; Scott Gruber, CEO of Tompkins Financial; and Carl Anderson, general partner of Cannondale Partners LLP. 

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