Dr. Victoria Williams | COVID-19 | Video

Alvernia University Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Victoria Williams is making the transition to the online learning environment fun for her students as well as for herself and her family members.


Inspired by a video that her daughter, Charlotte, received in an email, Dr. Williams began to outline a video to lift the spirits of her students during the COVID-19 crisis.


"I just wanted to give the students something fun to keep their spirits up and recognize that we’re all up to this challenge and we are all in this together," said Williams.


She and Charlotte, who has taken courses in video production, helped Williams through the process. 


She hopes the class enjoys the video and has encouraged her students to submit pictures of themselves so she can incorporate them into another video. 


"We’ll see how it goes, but as I’m typing this I see one just texted me, so hopefully I get some I can use!"


Check out the video below: