Building Our Community


Building Our Community: Citizenship and Service is the theme for Orientation Day at Alvernia, where more than 600 new and returning students along with faculty, staff and peer mentors strengthen relationships with the local community by conducting a series of day-long service projects at nearly every school in the Reading School District and the Berks County Parks Department.


As many as and 20-40 students assigned to each of 20 school locations and the Stonecliffe Recreation Area served the school district in multiple ways including helping teachers prepare classrooms for the upcoming year; gardening, weeding and mulching outside areas; cleaning up sidewalks and walkways; and painting murals and decorating walls.


This marks the 10th anniversary year that Alvernia students participated in the Orientation Day of Service. The day is one of four days of service throughout the year when the university connects with the community on multiple service projects. The other three days are Feast of St. Francis, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Earth Day.


As an added treat, the university debuted its new Golden Wolves bus that transported students assigned to service projects at Reading High School.


Volunteers gather to celebrate