Dr. Elizabeth Matteo

Associate Professor of Psychology


Representative Courses Taught

  • Introductory Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • History and Systems
  • Lifespan Development
  • Professional Ethics
  • Internship


  • Ph. D Psychology, Lehigh University
  • MS, M Ed. Psychology and Human Development, Lehigh University
  • BS Psychology, University of Oregon
  • BFA Studio Art, Binghamton University



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Conference Presentations

  • Matteo, E. Bringing the ‘Other’ into the Classroom:  An Intervention to Reduce Mental Illness Stigma in Undergraduates, Eastern Psychological Association, March 2012, Pittsburgh,   PA.
  • You, D. & Matteo, E. Assessing the Effectiveness of Diversity Courses Using the Multicultural Experiences Questionnaire. Association of Moral Education, October 2012, San Antonio, TX.
  • Hartman, R. Symanski, M. & Matteo, E.  A Collaborative Team Approach to Women’s Health Research in a Leadership Focused PhD Program, Women in Educational Leadership Conference, October 2011, Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Matteo, E. & You, D. The Value in Assessing Moral Education:  Aligning Institutional Mission with Practice. Association of Moral Education, October 2011, Nanjing, China.
  • Matteo, E. & Delbene, R. The Role of Applied Linguistics Research in the Reduction of Mental Illness Stigma. American Association of Applied Linguistics, March 2011, Chicago, Il.
  • Warchal, J. Ruiz, A. & Matteo, E. Gender Equity in Higher Education. American Psychological Association, Annual Meeting, August, 2007, San Francisco.
  • Kirk (Matteo), E., Kreb, J., Hennings, M. The Creative Unconscious. European Association of Experimental Social Psychology. Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Groningen, Netherlands, August 2004.


Contact Information

Elizabeth Matteo, Ph.D.

Psychology and Counseling Department

Upland, 126B



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