Dr. Elizabeth Matteo

Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology



Ph. D. Psychology (Social), Lehigh University
Dissertation: Stereotyped Group Member’s Balancing of Achievement and Belongingness Goals
M. S. Psychology, Lehigh University
Thesis: Perceptions of Prejudice: Implicit Social Inferences by Targets’ of Prejudice
M. Ed. Human Development (School Psychology), Lehigh University
Thesis: Using the Self-Monitoring Construct to Identify Children at Risk for Social Skills Deficits
B. S. Psychology, University of Oregon, Dean’s List
B.F.A. Studio Art, SUNY-Binghamton, High Honor’s in Studio Art



  • MOL 520 Followership, Groups and Teams
  • PSY 422-423 Ethical and Professional Issues I and II
  • PSY 412-413 Psychology Practicum I and II
  • PSY 408 Senior Seminar
  • PSY 405 Social Psychology
  • PSY 320 Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSY 309 Scientific Methods in Behavioral Science
  • HON 360/PSY 390: The Social Construction of Motherhood
  • HON 360/PSY 390: The Psychology of Social Injustice
  • PSY 303 Psychology of Personality
  • PSY 301 History and Systems in Psychology [Traditional and OL]
  • PSY 215 Multicultural Psychology [OL]
  • PSY 208 Human Development across the Life Span [Traditional, OL, RH-BSN]
  • PSY 105 Exploring Psychology
  • PSY 101 Introductory Psychology [Honor’s]
  • COL 110 First Year Seminar



Sense of community belongingness
Higher education outcomes
Social Justice



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