Alison Babula 2023
Assistant Professor


Dr. Babula has been teaching at Alvernia since 2017. She has taught Kinesiology for the OT and Advanced Interventions in Hand Therapy. Dr. Babula has presented at the Philadelphia Hand Symposia six times with topics ranging from metacarpophalangeal joint reconstruction to spaghetti wrist. She has also provided lectures on carpal tunnel syndrome and clinical exam of the wrist in Chiba, Japan. She graduated from Tufts University’s Boston School of Occupational Therapy in 2007 and completed her doctoral degree at the University of St. Augustine in 2022. In 2007, Dr. Babula began working in upper extremity rehabilitation under the direction of a certified hand therapist at a private clinic in NYC. Her career brought her first to Boston where she practiced as a staff upper extremity therapist in an outpatient clinic attached to a hospital, and finally to Philadelphia in 2013 to the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center (PHSC) and ATI Physical Therapy. At PHSC, Dr. Babula mentored Level I and Level II students. When she began educating students in their hand therapy fellowship, she fell in love with teaching. She plans on continuing her passion to support students in higher education.