Student financial aid

Office of Student Financial Services

Alvernia University
Francis Hall Room 203
400 Saint Bernardine Street
Reading, PA 19607
Phone: 610.796.8201
Fax: 610.796.8336

Fall/Spring Semester Office Hours

Mon - Wed: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thurs - Fri: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Winter/Summer Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Students are billed by semester and invoices are published online approximately 30 days in advance of the due date.  Invoices must be retrieved at myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts. Charges are assessed for undergraduate students at a flat rate for full-time students and by the credit hour for part-time students. Graduate, doctoral, or online program students may be charged either at a flat rate or by credit hour depending on their program of study.

All outstanding charges must be paid in full (payment plans, financial aid, or combination of both) by the statement due date. Students who have outstanding balances prior to the student’s respective move-in date and/or start of the semester will not be allowed to move into the residence hall and/or begin classes with the start of the semester. Students registering after the due date will receive an invoice published online with payment due immediately. Invoices must be retrieved at myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts.

In addition to tuition and residential costs, Alvernia assesses various fees for services that are not covered under a student’s academic charges for tuition or class fees for individual academic courses. For a complete list of fees, please review the University & Class Fees.

Alvernia University reserves the right to change tuition, fees and other charges from one academic semester to the next as deemed necessary in order to meet its financial commitments and to fulfill its role and mission.


Tuition Rates
TUITION (per semester) 2022-2023
Full-time Tuition  $19,550
Part-time Tuition $1,070/credit
Overload  $1,070/credit
Audit $535/credit
Adult Education  $640/credit
Adult Education Fully Online TBA
Graduate $900/credit
Graduate Fully Online TBA
Graduate MBA Fully Online TBA
Graduate Occupational Therapy (MSOT) $985/credit
Doctoral of Philosophy $1,110/credit
Doctoral of Nursing Practice $1,145/credit
Doctoral of Physical Therapy - 22/23 Cohort

Year 1 - Fall 2022: $16,450

Year 1 - Spring 2023: $16,450

Year 1 - Summer 2023: $11,700

Doctoral of Physical Therapy - 21/22 Cohort

Year 2 - Fall 2022: $16,450

Year 2 - Spring 2023: $16,450

Year 2 - Summer 2023: $11,700

Doctoral of Physical Therapy - 20/21 Cohort

Year 3 - Fall 2022: $18,600

Year 3 - Spring 2023: $18,600

No Summer

Enrollment Deposit (one time fee) $300
ROOM RATES (per semester) - subject to change 2022-2023
Anthony, Veronica, Clare, Francis Hall (freshman rate) $3,520
Assisi & Sienna (shared) $3,660
Assisi & Sienna (single) $4,640
Judge (shared) $4,125
Judge (single) $4,950
Zygmunta, Pacelli & Ehlerman (shared) $4,980
Zygmunta, Pacelli & Ehlerman (efficiency) $5,335
Zygmunta, Pacelli & Ehlerman (single) $5,775
Holleran Pods (shared) $4,450
Holleran Pods (efficiency) $4,910
Holleran Pods (single) $5,245
Residences at CollegeTowne (double bedroom) $4,140
Residences at CollegeTowne (single bedroom) $5,305
Residences at CollegeTowne (one double bedroom w/ kitchen & living room) $5,335
Housing Out of Season (for Winter or Summer) $85/week
BOARD RATES (per semester)* - subject to change 2022-2023
All You Can Eat (19 meals/week + $100 bonus) $3,495
14 MP (14 meals/week + $250 bonus) $3,495
190 Block (190 meals/semester + $125 bonus) $3,300
150 Block (150 meals/semester + $150 bonus) $2,985
110 Block (110 meals/semester + $200 bonus) $2,600
75 Block (75 meals/semester + $50 bonus) $1,625
75 Block (75 meals/semester + $200 bonus) $1,790
75 Block (75 meals/semester + $750 Vern Bucks - 401 Penn only***) $2,350
Commuter Meal Plan (5 meal block) $42/block
Meal Plan Surcharge Fee $200/semester
Personal Dollars** 10% Bonus 
Guest Prices in Cafeteria: Breakfast-$9 / Lunch-$11.25 /  Dinner-$12 (plus tax)
Faculty, Staff, and Student Prices in Cafeteria: Breakfast-$7.50 / Lunch-$9.50 / Dinner-$11.50 (plus tax)
Housing Deposit**** $250

*Bonus Dollars may be used to purchase food at any food service location on campus. Meal swipes can be used in the Student Center Cafeteria as well as Freshens, Kestrel Cafe, and Courtside Cafe as a meal exchange as part of your selected meal plan. All meals and bonus dollars must be used during the semester purchased.

**Personal Dollars may be used to purchase food at any food service location on campus.  Personal Dollars do not expire. When purchasing personal dollars, patrons are given a 10% bonus of the dollar amount requested.

***401 Penn only meal plan includes Vern Bucks to be used as part of the downtown dining program. As part of this meal plan there will be no additional 10% bonus.

****Housing Deposits will be processed as follows:

1. Held in an escrow account until housing contract fulfilled.
2. Returned to the student if the student does not receive housing for the following year or chooses not to return within stated housing selection deadlines. Deposit will not be returned if the student has an outstanding balance with the university.
3. Forfeited by those students who communicate after the housing selection process deadline, that they will not be returning to Alvernia University or have chosen to live off campus. See the Student Handbook for details.

Current commuter students who desire on-campus housing must first pay a $250 housing deposit in the Office of Student Financial Services and complete a housing application in the Residence Life Office. A commuter student will be assigned housing only after room selection for current resident students is complete and pending space availability. In the event there is lack of room availability, housing deposits will be refunded only if a student has no outstanding debt to the university. If a student requests placement on a housing waiting list, the deposit will not be refunded or applied to current debt until removal from the housing waiting list is requested.



The University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend, limit, restrict, or terminate in-person classes and/or substitute in-person classes with virtual, online or remote educational sessions or classes for reasons beyond the University's reasonable control (detailed in the Alvernia University Student Handbook). In these instances, the University will not be held responsible or liable to refund, reimburse or credit tuition, aid, award paid or remitted.



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