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The spring 2024 finals schedule is below. You can determine the day and time of your exam by locating when your class is held, even if it is on only one of the days.

Exceptions for day, time and room can be found farther down on the page.

Classes Held on One of Below Days  

Classes Beginning Within This Time Period

Final Exam Day

Final Exam Date

Final Exam Time

MWF8:00-8:50 amMonday5/68:00-10:00 am
MWF9:05-9:55 amFriday5/108:00-10:00 am
MWF10:10-11:00 amMonday5/610:15-12:15 pm
MWF11:15-12:05 pmFriday5/1010:15-12:15 pm
MWF12:20-1:10 pmMonday5/61:00-3:00 pm
MWF1:25-2:15 pm Friday5/101:00-3:00 pm
MW2:30-3:45 pmMonday5/63:15-5:15 pm
MW4:00-5:15 pmWednesday5/83:15-5:15 pm
Monday5:30-7:50 pmMonday5/66:00-8:00 pm
Wednesday5:30-7:50 pmWednesday5/86:00-8:00 pm
Friday2:30-5:00 pmFriday5/103:15-5:15 pm
TR8:00-9:15 amTuesday5/78:00-10:00 am
TR9:30-10:45 amThursday5/98:00-10:00 am
TR11:00-12:15 pmTuesday5/710:15-12:15 pm
TR12:30-1:45 pmTuesday5/71:00-3:00 pm
TR2:00-3:15 pmThursday5/91:00-3:00 pm
TR3:30-4:45 pmTuesday5/73:15-5:15 pm
TR5:00-6:15 pmThursday5/93:15-5:15 pm
Tuesday5:30-7:50 pmTuesday5/76:00-8:00 pm
Thursday5:30-7:50 pmThursday5/96:00-8:00 pm

NOTE: All final exams should be confirmed with the instructor of the course.








BIO 211/93R10:15 AM12:15 PMPLEX 133
BUS 410/02W10:15 AM12:15 PMJRPC 108
BUS 411/02W8:00 AM10:00 AMJRPC 108
COM 360/01T3:15 PM5:15 PMJRPC 057
MAT 231/01F10:15 AM12:15 PMBH 212
NUR 210/01W8:00 AM10:00 AMJRPC 277
NUR 218/01W8:00 AM10:00 AMJRPC 278
NUR 218/02W10:15 AM12:15 PMJRPC 278
NUR 311/01R10:15 AM12:15 PMJRPC 278
NUR 312/01R10:15 AM12:15 PMJRPC 235
NUR 317/01SLW1:00 PM3:00 PMJRPC 235
OT 334/01W1:00 PM3:00 PMJRPC 341
OT 334/02W10:15 AM12:15 PMJRPC 341
OT 336 – all sectionsR10:15 AM12:15 PMJRPC 058
PHY 201 – all sectionsW8:00 AM10:00 AMBH LH
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