Can't make it to campus?

The next best thing is taking a self-guide virtual tour. Click yourself through campus, getting a closer look at academic buildings, residence halls, dining spaces and more. You can begin your virtual tour of Alvernia University by clicking on the play icon below.



For the best virtual tour experience, here are some helpful tips.

Virtual Tour Audio

To start the tour audio and play the intro video, press the play icon on the screen. On most devices, audio for subsequent tours tops will play automatically. On Apple devices, the audio will need to be triggered by an action. Simply touch the screen to start the audio.


Virtual Tour Language Options

Our virtual tour is offered in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic. On a desktop or tablet, you will see EN (for English) in the lower right corner of your screen. To change to one of the other languages available, simple click on the EN and all languages available will appear.  When viewing on mobile, click on the info icon, then the audio guide icon. Your language options will then appear.


360 Degree Views of Campus

To access 360 degree views of campus, simply drag your finger or cursor depending on your device across the screen.


Navigating Between Tour Stops

To navigate between tour stops, use the arrow on the right hand side of the screen. The arrow is located in the lower right hand corner on mobile or approximately half way down the right hand side of the screen on desktop.

Additionally, you can select various tour stops by using the drop down menu. This menu can be found in the lower left hand corner on mobile or on the left hand side of the screen on desktop.