The curriculum of ESL Program Specialist Certification (Grades K-12) is 16 credits, including 20 hours of fieldwork and 40 hours of internship. The courses are offered in the on-site and online formats. The on-site courses are enhanced with Blackboard learning and meet once a week. Up to 6 graduate credits earned at another institution may be accepted for the Alvernia equivalent below at the discretion of the Education Department. All clearances (FBI Fingerprint Check, Criminal Record Check, and Child Abuse Clearance) must be submitted to the Education Department prior to fieldwork and internship experience. 


Curriculum Overview (16 credits)

MED 574 Foundations of English as a Second Language (10 hours of fieldwork) - 3 credits

MED 576 Introduction to Linguistics - 3 credits

MED 578 Culture and Life Experiences of English Language Learners (5 hours of fieldwork) - 3 credits

MED 682 Second Language Acquisition (5 hours of fieldwork) - 3 credits

MED 684 Assessment and Instruction of English Language Learners (40 hours of internship) - 4 credits. The first four courses should be completed prior to the capstone MED 684.


To apply for the PA teaching certification as ESL Program Specialist, candidates must complete the required coursework with a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher and submit their application on the Teacher Information Management System of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

ESL Program Specialist Certification